I Can Make You Come- HARRY STYLES #DirtyImagine

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I looked up at Harry, his green eyes piercing right through me, calling out my lie. 
"You are lying!" Harry said smirking, 
"I’m not!" I lied crossing my arms. 
"You can’t possibly be telling the truth!" He exclaimed throwing his hands up, I held my hands up in surrender. 
"Okay, I’ve never had a crush on Niall, but I had you there for awhile" I said laughing, 
"I knew it! I just knew it! He isn’t your type" he said smiling, pleased with himself. 
"What makes you think he isn’t my type?" I asked, 
Harry and I were best friends, he knew a lot about me, but I didn’t think he’d make an assumption like that. 
"I mean, look at the guys you have dated. None of them were like Niall" he said shrugging, 
"Just because I don’t date people like Niall doesn’t mean I can’t like him" I said furrowing my eyebrows. 
"But I know you wouldn’t, Y/N you are my best friend, I know you" he said rolling his eyes. 
He looked at me and narrowed his eyes. 
"What?" I asked, 
"How many times have you had sex Y/N?" He asked leaning forward. 
I sat up and adjust myself on the carpet of his living room floor. 
I flushed and looked at the carpet. 
"How many times?" He asked again, 
"Two" I muttered looked up at him again. 
"Two in total? Or two guys?" He asked his eyes glistening with curiosity. 
"Why do you care?" I snapped getting up, taking our empty glasses into the kitchen. 
Harry followed me. 
"I want to know who has had sex with my best friend" he said, 
"Two in total" I muttered rinsing the cups. 
"Did he make you? Ya know?" He asked standing behind me,
I turned around shutting off the table. 
"Did he what?" I asked leaning my back against the counter. 
"Did he make you come?" He asked crossing his arms, I tilted my head to the side. 
"Did he make you orgasm Y/N?" He asked more firmly. 
I flushed and looked at the floor, 
"No" I mumbled knotting my hands together. 
"Surely you’ve had one before" he said, 
I shook my head. 
"Not even by yourself?" 
"I don’t do that!" 
"Never!" I exclaimed. 
"The how do you know you didn’t have one?" He asked crossing his arms, 
"Because I’d know, now lets please stop talking about this" I said turning to walk away. 
He placed his hands either side of me. 
"What are you doing Harry?" I asked, suddenly feeling small. 
His tall figure standing over me. 
"I’m going to show you, how a really guy fucks" he said smirking, 
"What? Harry no" I said, his hands went to my waist. 
"I’m going to give you the best orgasm of your life" he said smirking, 
"Harry! Best friends don’t give each other orgasms" I said shocked, he even had the thought. 
"Oh fuck it Y/N, you’ve felt the sexual tension between us. I’ve felt it, I’ve wanted to have you since you fell into the office" he said warmly. 
I remember the day, 
Harry had caught me before I fell face first into the modest! Office. Matt had called me into the office to grab some papers he needed photocopying and, lets just say, I have two left feet. 
I was brought back to reality when Harry’s mouth found mine.
I mean Harry was hot, 
I had always thought that. 
Sure, I did want to fuck him, but we were best friends for heavens sake! I would never act on those desires. 
"Kiss back, you know you want too" he whispered, his forehead resting on mine. 
"Harry, we can’t, we are best friends!" I said 
"We can" he said pressing his lips to mine. 
I started kissing back, man, he was a good kisser. 
"Jump" he murmured against my lips, I did so. 
He wrapped my legs around him and his hands cupped my ass. 
He started walking with me. 
We went up the stairs and into his bedroom. 
He laid me on the bed. 
He hovered over me, his mouth slightly parted, panting, already. 
I reached for his belt buckle. 
He took my hand, 
"It’s all about you tonight baby" he said smirking. 
"But, don’t you need to-" he cut me off, 
"I’m fine" he said pressed my hand to his crotch. 
He was throbbingly hard. 
The heat pooled in the pit of my stomach. 
"What? How?" I asked my mouth going dry, 
"I’ve been waiting for this, forever, I’ve thought about this many lonesome nights. Many nights where you were asleep just a few feet away from me, almost every night. Y/N believe me, as soon as I touch you, I’m ready" he said, his hands trailing up my said, under my shirt. 
He fingered my nipples through the lacy bra. 
I moaned. 
He lifted my shirt up further, I arched my back, letting him take it off completely. 
I tugged at his shirt, signaling him to take it off. 
He reached his hand above his head and behind his neck. 
With one quick tug his shirt was off.
Exposing his many tattoos. 
Tattoos always turned me on. 
I kissed his chest. 
My hands trailing down his stomach, his toned abs. 
His hands trailed down to my sex. Reaching inside my shorts. He rubbed me through my panties. I moaned. 
I continued to place open mouthed kissed on his chest. 
"You are so wet, I can feel it through your panties" he whispered, nipping my ear lobe.
I giggled, he pushed my panties aside and thrusted a finger in me. 
"Oh!" I cried out, surprised. 
His other hand unbuttoned my shorts, shimmed down my legs and taking them off, throwing them.
"Do you like these panties?" He asked, I nodded. 
"I’ll buy you more" he said before ripping them off me. 
I reached for his pants and undid his belt. Then his pants. 
I pulled them down, and he kicked them off. 
I could clearly see his erection, through his tight boxers. 
I moaned as his finger continued to plunge in and out of me. 
I palmed him through his boxers. 
He moaned,
"Y/N if you keep doing that, I won’t last long" he groaned. 
He pulled his fingers out of me, he then brought it up to his mouth, licking in clean. 
"Sweet, just as I expected" he said smiling, I flushed. 
He pulled his boxers off. 
"I’m going to enter you now, are you ready?" He asked, I nodded. 
He lined himself up and then entered me. 
"Ah, you are so tight" he moaned, adjusting himself. 
He started thrusting. 
"I’m going to try and find your-" he was cut off my a loud moan from me. 
"Found it" his said pleased with him self. 
He continued to thrust, hitting the same spot. 
I felt a knot build in my stomach, 
My breathing became faster, my toes started to curl, and I started shaking. 
"Let it go baby" Harry said fingering my nipple again. 
I closed my eyes and saw white, my whole body was in ecstasy. 
I had not felt anything more pleasurable in my life. 
The knot in my stomach was gone and I was shaking uncontrollably. 
Harry gave one last thrust, filling me, then falling one top of me. 
"Harry, I…. That was the best thing I’ve ever felt" I said as he pulled out of me, rolling next to me. 
He pulled me into his embrace. 
"I told you’d I’d make you come" he said smiling, 
"That was amazing" he said kissing my nose. 
"Can we do it again?" I asked smiling up at him. 
"Give me twenty minutes, and a sandwich and we surely can" he said smiling.

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