Baby(s) Suprise

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Chris phone was ringing uncontrollably with messages,calls,voicemails. He finally woke up and answered them and he found out some surprising news that Carrie wasn't gonna like.


??:Hi Chris this is Sapphire from the club a year ago

Chris:Um ok what do you need I'm happily married so...

Sapphire:Um I have your child I know cause you're the last guy I had sex with

Chris:No no no! You must got the wrong thing! I'm married I'm famous I can'

Sapphire:Yea he's one years old you can come get tested if you want

Chris:Gimmie your address so I can go over there


As she gave him the address he thought this couldn't be happening to him why him he used protection didn't he? I mean he probably didn't cause he was drunk but he had another baby on the way by Carrie and if Carrie finds out everything will be over and he can't risk that...he can't tell her he won't tell her. As soon as he got off the phone she woke up hair in her face and belly popping out her shirt. She could burst any day now.

Carrie:You was so damn loud. So why was you mad?

Chris:Nothing just thought I forgot the diapers but we have some

Carrie:Don't gotta be that loud damn but I finna get in the shower

Carrie got up and started walking to the shower and then water started pouring out of her it was game time...

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