Chapter 23

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~Alyssa's POV~

The second we are free from the darkness, Alice and I start frantically screaming. There is no other way to explain it, other than we were in hysterics. We were screaming and dry sobbing and freaking out. We were aware of people trying to talk to us, but we couldn't reply. Or listen, for that matter. After about two minutes, the screaming stopped. We were still unable to speak though. We were too busy crying (without tears) and hyperventelating.

We just saw our entire family get ripped apart and killed. I just saw my imprint and my children get murdered. We felt ourselves being decapitated and torn apart. The feelings and memories of each of the deaths kept replayiong in our minds. It didn't help that i could feel and see Alice's thoughts and feelings, as well as my own. I was vaguely aware of Jasper trying to calm us down, but failing.

"Alyssa, are you okay?" Emmett's voice asked me worriedly. He was obviously sitting next to me, with his hands on my shoulders. I realized how i looked by seeing through his eyes. My face was scrunched up, my head was down with my balled up fists pushed against the sides of my head. I was shaking and dryly crying.

"Alyssa?" he asked again.

I leaned into him and buried my face into his chest. I would have perferred Seth, but Emmett is really like a big brother to me, so i can use his support too. I couldn't get the memories of my imprint and my daughters deaths out of my head. They just kept replaying over and over and over. The painful wrinthing of Seth as the deadly venom ate his body. The scared and pained look that my daughter felt for less than a second before being drained of life. The scared look that crossed Chloe's face as hands were placed around her head and the painful decapitation.

I thought that Torin caused me the worst pain imaginable when he aged me, but i was wrong. That pain is like a thousandth of what i feel now. I would welcome that pain over this feeling. I feel like my heart is slowly and painfully being ripped out and torn apart in the most agonizing way imaginable. I feel like i am falling apart and trying to hold myself together.

I had these emotions, plus Alice's emotions. It was making me hurt even more. By looking through Jasper's eyes, i could tell that he was holding Alice and trying to calm her down.

"Alyssa, What's wrong?" Emmett asked, a little more worriedly this time.

I reached my hand up to his face and set my cold palm against it. It made him shiver. I hadn't realized that i wasn't only feeling all cold and empty inside, but i was actually making my tempurature cold. It was so cold, that Emmett actually felt warm to me. I started by showing him my vision, then i moved onto how i felt. How my sadness was crushing and ripping me apart. I had to show him that to explain why i was screaming and freaking out earlier. When i was done showing him, I felt his strong arms wrap around me. I continued cring, but i stopped shaking. It comforted me to be held. I still wish it was Seth, but Emmett was doing a good job too. With his strong arms around me, i felt a little better. i felt okay enough to shoot calming emotions at Alice so i only had my emotions to cope with. When Alice was all better, I felt some of the sadness leave me, but i still had all of mine. The murders of my children and imprint just kept replaying over and over.

When everyone saw Emmett hugging me, most of them came to soothe me. When I showed Edward my vision and feelings, he seemed to feel the most pain and felt the most sorry for me. I could see him thinking about Bella and Renesmee. Carlisle, Jasper, Emmett, Jacob, Edward, Bella, Renesmee, Esme, and Rosalie were all around me, calming me down. After about five minutes, the murder scenes in my head stopped and i got ahold of myself. I kept telling everyone i was fine, but Emmett, Jasper, and Edward kept near me.

We were watching TV and I was still leaning against Emmett. His arm was still wrapped around me. Edward was siiting on the floor, leaning softly on my legs. Jasper was sitting on the other side of me. Occasionaly if one of the visions crept into my head, he would rub my arm and send calming feelings at me. By now, I had showed everyone what i showed Emmett. So they all know what is going on.

After about two episodes of Ghost Whisperer, i started feeling really tired, but i didnt want to get up because i was really comfortable.

~Edward's POV~

I'm sitting on the floor, leaning against Ally's legs. I feel so bad for her. I know how it feels to possibly lose you child or mate, but to see it happen is way different. It made it even worse to have the visoin played over and over. I saw Bella and I die, but that is fine, as long as were together. What I didn't see is Renemee dying. She was never there. So i'm not sure where she was. Honestly, i'm surprisd that Alyssa recovered so quickly. I know that she isn't okay at all on the inside, but she was able to gain control on the outside. I would probably still be freaking out.

~Bella's POV~

I'm up in Alice's room with Rose and Alice. Renesmee is in her room with Jacob. How Alyssa felt was worse than how I felt when Edward left me all those years ago. I didn't even know that a pain worse than that existed.I can't even imagine what is going on inside her head right now. How she is trying to cover up the pain from everyone? I wouldn't be able to. I noticed a couple things in the vision. Edward and I die together and Renesmee wasn't there. She wasn't in the vision at all. I wonder where she was.

~Jasper's POV~

Alyssa is my sister. Maybe not biologically, but if we looked at it like that, none of us our actually family. Since she is my sister, I really dislike how much pain she is in. Occasionally she will start getting sad and about to freak out again, but i calm her down. My life has gotten so much happier since Alyssa came into our famly. Everyone's has. Everybody loves her and thinks of her like family. She even gave me two new neices.

Her vision almost made me start panicing, but i was able to gain control within a milisecond. Seeing myself get killed didnt really scre me, but seeing Chloe's scared face while being murdered and seeing Alice in pain was just-

Alice was in pain, which made me in pain. I HATE seeing her sad or hurt. Chloe is second closest to me, so i HATED seeing her scared and hurt as well.

I am sitting next to Ally because the closer i am to someone, the easiest i can control their emotions. I could feel her start to get tired. She really needed sleep. I sent a thick wave of drowsiness over to her. It took about two seconds for her to close her eyes and fall asleep.

~Emmett's POV~

I felt Alyssa's body go limp and match my temparature. I guess when she sleeps, she matches the temparature of what she is touching. Her head is leaning on my chest and she is curled up against me. I look down at her and see that little twelve year old girl that Jasper and i nearly killed in the forest a while ago. It's funny how the two people who tried to killed her ended up being the closest people to her. Well, other than her mate and kids. Alyssa and Addie have made my life so much happier. Before them, i thought the only joys in life were pranking, fighting, fooling around, and of course, Rose. Alyssa showed me that life is also about family. She taught me to love someone other than Rosalie. Nothing can get close to Rosalie, but i still love my family alot. Especially Addie and Alyssa. I'm glad I didn't kill Alyssa in the forest that day. She is an awesome little sister.

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