Chap 18: Falling

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"Wake up~" You heard a voice chant near your ears, something shaking your shoulders lightly, you groaned. "Wakie wakie~" The voice chanted again, you groaned louder in complaint, as your reach for the edge of the blanket, attempting to drag it over your head, the person yells into your ear.

"(Y/N) WAKE THE FUCK UP" Feeling a flash of heat on your cheeks, you snapped your eyes wide open and brought you hand to your cheek. "D-did you just slap me?" Chloe chuckled apologetically before scratching her neck awkwardly.

"I'm sorry, I just needed to show you something." Both of her hands still on your shoulders, she noticed that you kept your hand clenched on your cheeks. Feeling worried, she brought one of her hand towards your face, cupping your cheek. "I'm sorry.. Did it hurt?" You furrowed your eyebrows in annoyance. "No shit, Sherlock, yes it freaking hurts" "Do you need me to kiss the pain away?" She smirks, you slap her hand away, wincing in pain, she rubbed the spot of the attack. "Ah damn, you're pretty strong for someone that little..." You rolled your eyes, taking your hand away from your cheek. "I'm not that little! I'm 5'7!" "Well I'm 5'9, so anything below that is little to me." "Then what the fuck are your standards?? Fucking giants?" She flipped you off before scooting next to you, she picks up the laptop that was on the edge of the checkered mattress and made it sit on her lap.

"What's the time?" "Well the sun was setting when I woke up." You looked around the room, realizing the sole light source was the moonlight shining into the room through the flag. The white stars shining, the cool autumn breeze making the flag dance in the night.

Chloe takes a look at the digital clock on her laptop."It's 11PM" You nodded, putting your hand on your mouth and yawned. Chloe drags her finger along the surface of the trackpad, finding what she wanted, she clicks the left button and shoves the laptop onto your lap.

"Watch this" You stared intensely at the spinning wheel in the middle of the black screen. "There isn't much to watch, and your wifi sucks" "Just bear with it, it should be up in a momen- ah there you go" Sound commences from the small speakers of the laptop, slightly muffled and full of static, this was a very very old laptop. You see two figures walk out of what seems to be the dormitory of Blackwell. Seeing two girls, one wearing a gray sweater and the other dressed in a black blazer parked with a skirt; It was Max and Kate. A caption appeared under the screen. 'Student at Blackwell threatens to jump off roof-Kate Beverly Marsh'. Your eyed widened and you gasped in surprise.'Who the fuck would call a suicide attempt a threat? Depression isn't a choice, fucking assholes they are!' As Max and Kate walked towards the other direction, the camera zoomed onto Kate's face, clearly flustered and checks stained with tear marks. You could hear faint laughs from the video and you clenched your fists in anger. Chloe slowly takes the laptop away rom you, worried you would smash the screen with your whitened knuckles. "Guess who uploaded it?" Chloe asked, eyes full of worry. "Bitchoria isn't it?" "Yes, not a very original nickname I must say, I call VicWhoria but fine by me." The two of you sat in silence, not knowing what to say, you fumbled around with your fingers, thinking about the scene, and such assholes they were.

"Let me send you back to Blackwell, and I need to talk to Max, I think she would want to have a talk with someone about this." She paused, lips gape, wanted to say something but closed them again. "You now what, come with me, I need you both of you guys for this" She gave you a smile then hopped of her bed, shuffling through her drawers for a new tank top that didn't stink with the smell of alcohol and smoke. Usually she wouldn't care, but Max most likely would be sad and she didn't want to upset her with this foul stench. You sat at the edge of the bed, stretching your arms and your legs in opposites directions, making your joints crack, commencing sounds that worried you.

"You makin' popcorn there (Y/S)?" "Haha" You flipped her off before standing up and arched for your jacket. In the process, you stepped on something hard, you looked down hurriedly and realized you stepped on your bag, your laptop. You cringed, knowing that your laptop will not survive if it kept having this harm. You picket up and dusted it off, swaying it around your shoulder then turned to around to face Chloe.

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