Me and Barry sat there for hours not speaking to each other. "I'm sorry. I told Joe that I knew you and you couldn't do anything like it. He said he didn't know anything about you" Barry said. "I'm not upset about that. I'm upset because there is some this I just don't like to talk about. Somethings in my past I am ashamed of" I said. "I understand that we all have out boundaries" Barry said. "I sorry for blowing up like that" I said. "It's okay but you are scary when your mad" he said. I got up and hugged him. The door open. I heard a click. I pulled away from Barry and saw Cisco with his phone and Caitlin with her hand over her heart. "This is so romantic" Caitlin said. "Wow this picture is a keeper. Now all I need is a pic of you two kissing" Cisco said. "Wait you take pictures of us?" I asked. "Yeah look" Cisco showed us the pictures. One of them was whem I was on the hospital bed and Barry was next to me. Another was when we looking at each other. And the last one was when I punched Barry's arm. "Wait how did you take these pictures with out us knowing?" I asked. "I may or not have secret cameras" Cisco said. "Dude that's creepy" Barry said. "You guys are going you to thank me for taking pictures when you have your kid" Cisco said. I started coughing. Then I went to the bridge and threw up. "Oh... too soon?" Cisco asked. "Skye come here" Caitlin said.
I was on the hospital bed and Barry was on the side of it. "Why does this always happen?" Barry asked. "What?" I asked. "You on the hospital bed me sitting in the chair next to it" Barry said. I chuckled. "You have a mild fever. You need some rest" Caitlin said. "Okay". I went to sleep. 
I woke up to a noise. I got up and I got a head ache. I looked where the noise was coming from and I saw him. I saw James. Emily's old husband he's alive. He lunged at me and started choking me he threw me to the ground and choked me. The light in the cortex went on and I suddenly James is thrown off me. I look up James is out and Harry is standing over me. He helps me up. "I knew something was off. So I came to check on you" Harry said. My heae ache was gone. I hugged Harry. He saved my life.
James was put in the particle accelerator. Turns out he is a meta that can make you sick. "I like the name Captain Sick" Caitlin said. "How many times do I have to tell you I name them" Cisco said. "I like Sicko" I said. Cisco thought about. "I still name them but that is a great name!" Cisco said. "Hey guys I was thinking we should have a team dinner" Barry said. "Yeah we can go to my dad's" Iris said. "Okay lets go" Cisco said. "Go ahead I'll catch up" I said. I walked into to the room where Harry was at. "Umm.. we're having a team dinner. Do you want to come?" I asked him. "No thanks for asking" Harry said. I left to Joe's house. Every one was there but Barry. "Wheres Barry?" I asked. He speeded into the room with pizza. "Pizza!" Caitlin yelled. I got pepperoni. There was a knock in the door. Iris answered it. "Hey I got an invitation" someone said. "Come in" Iris said. Harry came in, I walked up to him and hugged him. "Glad you could make it" I said. "Me too".

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