7. Stupefied

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Update <3

Hussain is finally going to meet Tehreem ;)

Chapter # 7

Hussain's POV

"Even Mom couldn't do anything this time"

"Come on bro! your Mom would be more than happy in sending you Pakistan" Hassan rolled his eyes and took a sip from the can he was holding.

"I didn't get that" I frowned and he heaved up a sigh before snaking his arm around my neck.

"Can't you see. Your parents are basically very sharp they are killing two birds with one shot" he stated, I was still in a frown. "tum Pakistan jao ge us lerki se milo ge and you know then...

"Then what?" I jerked his arm off my neck and he smiled sarcastically. "I am not going to meet her and FYI I have already told mom that I have nothing to do with her"

"I know bro! this is what am saying. You don't understand tu wahan jaye ga somehow you two will meet and trust me ye Pakistani lerkiyan bari he koi typical hoti hen saas bahu k dramey dekh dekh ker na sarey tactics seekh liye hotey hen inhon ne"

"they exactly know how to trap boys" he winked and took another sip, my mind was racing inside my head; is it really what Hassan was saying? Mom dad want me to go there and patch up....NO!!!

I was about to say something when I heard footsteps, it was Shehry he came and stood near us smiling down at Hassan. I so knew his fake smile.....

"There are people out there who can only give shit because they have only shit. I wonder if they are also been made by the same God as I am" Shehry blabbered keeping a serious face as he frowned down at Hassan, getting his meaning he looked at me.

"Shehry! Q bakwaas ker ra hea tu?" I looked up at him.

"bakwaas nai ker ra mein. Trust me shitty people are everywhere Hussain! and you need to stay away you know. Shit is contagious" he added further and Hassan got up before I could stop him.

"I think I should leave" he announced.

"yar! Beth na. tu airport nai chale ga mujhey chorney?" I got up following him.

"Han han! Do char so log or le chal. teri baarat hea airport per" Shehry called and I turned glaring him to shut up.

"chal! take care. Have a safe flight" Hassan hugged me and barged out of the room.

"Saley tu!..." I just turned towards Shehry to smack his head when he raised his palm stopping me.

"For how many times do I have to ask you to stop meeting this guy?" he sternly asked frowning and I rolled my eyes ignoring him.

I walked past him towards the bed, where my wheeler was placed wide open in which mom had packed my stuff.

"her waqt bakwaas kerta rehta hea ye lerka or tera damagh kharab kerta rehta hea but you just don't get this" he added.

"he is a friend Shehry! Come on" I looked at him who made a weird disapproving face.

"Wah! Jumma jumma aath din nai huye dosti ko or itna aziz ho gaya? ek number ka chawal insaan hea ye Hassan"

"or ek bat bata" Shehry grabbed my arm turning me towards him and I raised my brow, "why do you discuss Tehreem with everyone?"

"maana wo teri bivi nai hea per terey naam se mansoob hea. izzat hea teri Saley!"

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