Chap 17: I'll Find A Way(Past)

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  Michael waltz into the living room, hopping onto the couch and laying his legs on the cushion. His boots sticking out at the end of the couch, he closes his eyes, trying to enjoy the peace and serenity. He exhales slowly before opening his eyes again, batting his eyes repeatedly trying to regain his vision.

  "Michael? Is that you?" The teenage boy rolls his eyes before answering his mother. "What?"  "Could you please come upstairs?" He groaned in complaint as he lazily stomps his was up the stairs.

  "What do you want-" Michaels topped in his tracks as he pushed open the door of the study. His mother was holding a letter in her hands, a broken envelope siting on the table, she had tears brimming above her waterline.

  "(Y/N) got in.."  "W-what?"  "She got in the school she wanted."  Michael gasped in awe "Well, that's amazing!" The concerned look on his mother's face worried him.  "What's wrong ma?"  "It's ten thousand dollars over budget.."  "But, I thought she could on scholarship-"  "Yeah, well her science grade wasn't good enough, so the school said they would give us less of a scholarship. 20% off if you will"  "What? School's can't do that! Can they?" His mother sighed in content.  "Sadly, then can honey. And we still can't afford it."  Michael chuckled in sarcasm.  "It's her dream since she was a kid, ma." He passed, trying to find words. "Are you sure? We can't at least do something? Ask for a loan?" His mother shakes her head slowly, as if a bigger movement could send pain all over her body.

  "Honey, we can't ask for a loan that big, it will take us years to pay back, and it would be a burden, it's better if she just goes to another-"

  "No! There's got to be a way! There's got to be!" Michael yelled, but all his mother could do was shake her head again.

  "I'm afraid enrollment is coming soon, soon before we can get the money. And if she waits another year, she might be cut from the list and she won't even make it next year."

  "I'll find a way, I can do it-"

  "Oh Michael!" His mother interrupted him with a chuckle. "Look at you! You are barely passing your grades and all you do is party and get drunk, and you're only a junior! Where do you expect to get a job. And enrollment is in ten months, if you are trying to get ten thousand dollars by then, it would be a thousand a month, and that's much more than the average salary of a high school worker! Higher than the average office worker, and they work by hour! How the hell are you going to get that much money, in such short time?"

  "Ma, believe in me. Don't tell (Y/N) about the letter yet, buy me some time. Literally."

  "Fine, you have three months to get three thousand dollars. If you don't get that much by that time, you are going to break the news to her, telling her she can't go to a college that she wants to because of your stubbornness."







  "Just let me see him"

  "Why the fuck should I let you?"

  Music blasting loudly on the speakers, people yelling at the top of their lungs, taking off their clothing before jumping into the pool of chaos.

  "I need to talk to him!" "There he is, right there" The bouncer pointed towards the bathroom door. a black haired man ran towards the restroom, Michael rolled his eyes before pushing the door open. He enters the bathroom, inside there were numerous people lining up in the only decent looking stall, Michael proceed to shoo everyone else away, exchanging a few glares. A loud 'explosion' erupts from inside of the gray stall, Michael immediately pinches the bridge of his nose with his fingers, trying to keep away the foul stench.


  "The fuck do you want man? Can you tell I'm taking a d-AH!" Another explosion erupts. "Dump"

  "I need to talk to you, I have something to discuss."  "Look dude, it looks like I'm going to be here all night, just say whatever you wanna say right her- DAMN!" Another erupts, as if they were coming in waves, Michael had to just put up with it.

  "This is really important, I rather have this talk with you doing your business."  "Ok fine, you want business? Listen, this dealer gave me some bad shit cut with laxatives. I need you to help me find another source, then buy the usual from him. I'll give you the money tomorrow. Do the job, and I'll give you some of the stash"  "I don't any stash"  "Figures, how much?"  "500 per run"  Devon chuckles.

  "You're out of your godamn mind, get the fuck out of here."

  "LISTEN" Michael said as he punches the door of the stall, sending a loud bang inside. "I do this for you, I'm risking my ass to find another dealer, and I'm going to buy some from him, then I'm bringing them to you. 500 ain't much man. And you can't go yourself, you're already risking your ass just by doing drugs right this moment. So, I'm willing to take all risk for you."

  "If only I was a Prescott... Fine, 450"


  "Fuck you, you're lucky I'm desperate, and my other friends are idiots who can't even find a decent enough dealer."

  "It's a deal then"  "Yeah, now get the fuck out of my face so I can do my business" Before Michael could push open the door and escapee from the foul stench, Devon called for him one last time.

  "wait, who are you?"  "I'm Michael."  "Which one?"  "(Y/S)"  "Shit, you? Why would you want to help me?"  Michael's sighed, thinking about the reason he did all this, it was for his sister.  "Because just like you, I'm desperate."   "How do I know you won't rat me out? None the less wearing a fucking wire right now?"  "Because this is the Prescott's domain, and the Prescott's always win, you ain't even worth it. You're just  one of the many jocks here who's spoiled to shit."  "Get the fuck out"

  Michael chuckled at the stupidity of his addiction before marching out of the restroom.

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