Chap. 42

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DeAndre's POV

"Dee-Dee!" Skylar called, wrapping her arms around my legs. "Where are you going?"

I wiped the tears off my face, forcing a smile. "I'm just going out Sky. I'll be back soon."

Mom picked up Skylar, giving me a kiss on the cheek, her eyes full of tears as well.

"Why are you crying momma?" Skylar asked, wiping one of mom's falling tears.

"Call me," mom said, her voice breaking.

"Don't cry mom," I said, kissing her cheek. "He's safe now."

"I'm not crying because he's safe," mom whispered. "I'm crying over how he got there."

I closed my eyes, a tear falling down my cheek. "I know."

My mom had always had a soft spot for Shane, offering him our house whenever he needed to escape. She'd been good friends with his mom, and once she passed, she'd taken to Shane like he was her son.

Before Shane moved in with Tyler, he used to come to my house. We'd chill, play some basketball, anything to keep his mind off of everything that was going on.

My mom was the one that noticed the marks on Shane's arms, and she'd called Mrs. King, who already knew. Together they fought the court for Mrs. King to get custody of Shane.

My mom wanted nothing more than for Shane to come and live with us, but Skylar was too young at the time, and she didn't think she could take care of Skylar and Shane.

"Dee-Dee?" Skylar questioned. "Don't cry Dee-Dee."

I smiled at her, giving Skylar a kiss on the cheek. "I'll call you mom, promise."

She waved goodbye as I hopped into my car. I let out a yelp as I realized that Nathan was silently sitting in my passenger seat.

"I couldn't go alone," Nathan whispered.

"We just have to remind ourselves that this is for the best," I said, pulling out of my driveway.

"And that he's been here before," Nathan whispered.

I flashed back to last year, when Tyler's mom pulled Shane from the final month of school, after he'd tried to commit suicide. How sullen he'd been in the hospital, how different he'd seemed from the kid we'd all grown to love.

"Are we even allowed to see him?" Nathan asked.

"I don't think so. Trinity made it sound as though he's on complete lockdown. But this is the only way we're going to get to Tyler."

The rest of the car ride was ridden in silence.

Nathan stepped out of the car, pressing his forehead to the car door. "I can't handle this."

It seemed like just yesterday we were all sitting around the lunch table, laughing as Nathan coughed up another five dollars. Or basketball practice, the consistent teasing, but it was all in fun. Shane was our Pretty Boy, and he lived up to the role.

We met up with Caleb in the main lobby of the hospital. He looked just as much of a wreck as I'm sure Trinity would be.

Nathan gave Caleb's shoulders a good shake, and he nodded at the two of us, tears in his eyes.

Together we trooped up to the Psychiatric Ward.

The place brought back memories. Last summer we'd spent plenty of time here, visiting whenever allowable, doing our best to keep Shane's spirits up.

Nobody in school knew where Shane had gone that final month of school, and it was an unspoken rule among the four of us to keep it that way.

"Hey," Trinity said, melting into my arms.

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