Chapter (43) Part 1

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Chapter 44

"Isabella, are you listening?" Twisting my head to look up at my mother, she frowned at me. This was pointless, why was I even pretending to go along with it.

"Mother, this is pointless! Father disowned me. I am sure me having an 18th birthday party is the last thing on his mind."

My mother sighed softly as she placed a plan for decorations of the great hall down with the rest of the council's ideas for my party.

"He cannot disown you Isabella. You are my daughter and just like Liam and Serenity, I will be throwing you an 18th birthday party. You are of royal blood and just like every other royal before you, you will be celebrating coming of age."

"What's the point?" I groaned and leaned back in my chair, "Mother, the last thing I want to do is make more trouble. Please I don't want this." I gestured my hand across the papers, plans and maps that scattered the table.

"You are having a party." She said firmly and began to turn her attention back to the papers. "Albert knows this and no matter what he says, he loves you, you're his daughter."

I crossed my arms and watched my mother pretend that nothing was wrong, everything was rosy. "Can I invite guests?" I arched an eye brow.

"Of course Isabella." She shook her head lightly, "It's your party."

"Good because I will want Connor by my side." I watched for her reaction but she remained interested in the plans. That was not the reaction I was expecting.

"Of course. I have already placed The Griffins names on the list."

"WHAT!" My eyes went wide had my mother lost it?

"Isabella." She sighed and pulled her reading glasses off and brought her full attention to me. "Connor and you are mated, is it such a surprise that I could assume you would want him by your side as you turn 18?"

"Are you mad? Father will try and kill him again!" I shot at her, with my eyes completely wide with shock. "Father has disowned me! He wants Connor dead! In fact I am surprised he has not thrown me out the castle himself for mating with Connor."

"He cannot throw you out of the castle Isabella, you aren't of age yet." My mother rubbed her temples, "and I will not let him kill your mate."

"Mother you have no control over him! He has already attempted to kill him before, I doubt he would miss an opportunity to try again!"

 "He will not kill Connor," my mother snapped, "because that would kill you now."

My mouth fell open "No it wouldn't."

"Not physically Isabella, but emotionally it would. Look at Nick." She inhaled sharply and then slowly exhaled, "Come on, get up."

"What why? Where are we going?" I watched as she got up from her chair.

"For once Isabella, just listen to me."

Shaking my head, I pushed myself away from the table and got up. I didn't know what my mother was planning or where she wanted to take me. But if her latest examples where anything to go off, I knew I would be in for a shock.


"What are you doing here?" I frowned as I watched Liam jog up the corridor with a concerned look on his face.

"Mother said it was important, something about an emergency." He muttered while glancing between my fathers' closed study door and me. "Why are you here?"

"Mother dragged me here and then told me to wait." I muttered dryly and took a step away from the door. "I don't know why."

"Serenity I told you before, it is important."

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