My Five Fears

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Hello everyone, I was tagged by @GamerGirl424 for this challenge, of telling my five biggest fears.

So here we go :)

1 - I have a fear of giving up before I reach my dreams.

2 - My fear of spiders and lizards gives me chills.

3 - I have a fear of not meeting friends,families' and everyone's expectations. (I hate this one, it stops me from doing what my heart wants.)

4 - Okay! This one seems stupid, but I have a fear of talking in English in-front of an audience (everything, every word is in my head, but this fear stops me to put my thoughts out, I am fearless while writing them, but my lips get glued while saying them face to face )(This also means I am way honest in writing, texting and MSG rather than up-front).

5 - I fear loneliness. (I never had a best friend whom I can tell my secrets without getting judged, I never had friends who support me for who I am. I never had a family who supports me without judging the outcome).

I want to conquer these fears and all you awesome peoples can help me(except with lizard/spider one)

So, please stop by on my profile to check out my story or voting, following, commenting or for just saying a simple Hi on my conversation board, I promise I'll reply

I am a friendly person you can even pm me.


Okay, so I have to tag other persons, like @GamerGirl424 tagged me, but I don't want my friends to remember and go through their fears while writing them and I don't want this sad thing to continue.

Therefore, I am challenging my friends to write five best things about me .

Okay, just kidding.

I challenge them to write their five best happy moments/memories (moments which make them smile for hours).

Okay, honestly, I don't have too much friends on wattpad right now though everyone is invited. I recently find a few people and I like to call them my friends so I am tagging them, I hope they will not mind

1 - @GamerGirl424 *gotcha*
2 - @Istand4peace
3 - lMaruchanl
4 - JaiRockz
5 - 1ionheart
6 - deskdirectioner
7 - @blare_lina

Okay love you all guys, go create a new book and tell us your best happy moments , don't forget to say " I was tagged by @Starhavens" on the first line of your book. and you can even dedicate the chapter to me.

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