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Chapter 14

          After snatching up a few icepacks from my fridge, unknown to how many he’d want or not want, I led him up the spiraling staircase to my bedroom. Thankfully, my mom had already hidden herself away in the master bedroom so she didn’t spot me sneaking Mr. Kingsley upstairs. If it were any other guy, she probably wouldn’t have given a care in the world, but because Mr. Kingsley was my teacher, she probably wouldn’t have allowed it. She would’ve acted like a real mom for once and actually told me I was breaking some unwritten rule. Maybe she would’ve scolded me, grounded me. That would’ve been something.

          Opening the first door on the left, I led him into my room. It was an expansive room, painted a deep blue with white trimming. My king size bed was set smack in the middle, decorated with plain white sheets and pillows. Cluttering the floor were strewn clothing that I was too lazy to place away in my closet, shoes, unfinished homework papers, and other things of the same sort. Without his permission, I grabbed his forearm and yanked him toward my bed, shoving him down atop the fluffy mattress.

          As if expecting this, he involuntarily shot up from where he was forcefully lying, “If you wanted me in bed with you again, you could’ve just asked.”

          Scoffing, I nudged him back down, placing myself at the edge of the bed. I put one hand on his chest to hold him down, and leaned forward to hover over him, gripping an icepack in my other hand. He stared up at me as if I were crazy. “What are you looking at?” The crazy effect he had on me made me actually want to check my reflection, make sure I didn’t have anything on my face, stuck in my teeth, have a hair out of place.

          God, I’m turning into such a girl, a self conscious, appearance-crazed girl.

          “Just you.”

          “Well, stop it, it’s driving me insane.”

          “Where else am I supposed to look?” He argued, “You’re practically on top of me.”

          “Here’s a grand idea, why don’t you just close your eyes?”

          After giving me an eye roll, he complied, letting his lids flutter to a close. Breathing a sigh of abating nervousness, I finally pressed the tip of the icepack to his bruising right eye. Subconsciously, he flinched at the probable stinging sensation of the glacial pack. “Dammit, that’s freezing.”

          “What did you expect, Mr. Kingsley? It’s ice,” I murmured, biting back the smile that was impending, glad that he couldn’t see me.

          “Whenever you call me Mr. Kingsley I feel so old.”

          “That’s because you are old.”

          “I’m not old!” He sputtered, crossing his arms over his chest, “I’m aged to perfection.”

          I couldn’t hold back the almost jubilant laugh that escaped my twittering lips, “Too bad you’re not cheese, Mr. Kingsley, otherwise that statement might’ve been accurate. I think that blow to your head screwed up your mind even more,” I leaned closer to him to get a better hold on the icepack, pressing it harder into his skin.         

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