//Chapter Two•Yoongi//

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"Please, don't be so humble." Hoseok's voice laughs his unique laugh from behind me. "Jung Hoseok." He puts his hand out, "I own the club."

"Hello." She awkwardly shakes his hand.

"Drinks on me?" I try to ignore Hoseok's presence.

"Oh, I get it," He nods, "I intruded. I'll leave." He waves to the girl, walking away. "It was nice meeting you, I hope to see you more often around here."

She stared inside of her wallet, closing it slowly and put it back in her purse. "So, I win?"

She sighed heavily, closing her eyes as she did so, "Sure. Just don't slip anything in my drink, don't try to get me drunk--you know, morally wrong things."

"Of course not." I rubbed my hands together, "What's your name?" I asked, scooting my stool closer to hers.

She watched as my knee touched hers, but she turned herself away from me. "Miyoung."

"That's a beautiful name." I complemented, "I'm Yoongi--Min Yoongi."

"Kwon Miyoung; since we're getting on the full name basis here."

"You're Korean?" I laughed in disbelief, "You don't really look like it.."

"What do you mean?" She shot an odd look.

How do I say her hips look imported nicely? "Well, your face does--to say the least."

"Mhm." She nodded, rolling her eyes in the process. "Are you," She leaned forward while squinting her eyes, "are you blonde?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Another drink, Mr. Min?" Mark--the bartender--asked, cleaning a glass with a cloth.

"No, but thank you." I lightly laughed. He nodded then turned away.

"You dyed it?"


"Like one of those idols." Eyebrow raised, clearly unamused.

"Funny joke, Kwon."

"Call me Miyoung," She played with her rings on her left hand, "My last name sounds too serious for someone you just met at the club. That's also what people call each other to be formal, and that's not what I'm going for."

"Funny joke, Miyoung." I stared back at her.

"What are you doing here? You seem important with that attire." She poked my tie.

"I am important."

"Oh," She laughed at me as she nursed her drink. "I'm sorry, but I don't think your friend owning a club rewards you as 'important'."

"It's not that, I just have a lot of money: I'm a businessman."

"A businessman?" She repeated, "I don't think many businessmen of South Korea these days are blonde and in their early twenties."

"There are young businessmen," I countered, pulling on my blazer, "don't see this?"

"With jeans?" She snorts, "Nice cover up. What do you really do, Min Yoongi?"

"I just changed into jeans, is that such a crime?"

"Businessmen don't go to clubs, they have pretty sad lives."

"Maybe I'm a different kind of businessman.." I winked. "Why don't we get out of here?"

"What kind of girl to you take me for?" She swung around.

"One that may need a ride home, because with seven dollars in your wallet," I fixed my collar, "You'll need one."

"You looked inside of my wallet?" She snapped, smacking my chest. "What in the hell gives you the permission to do that? Because you're wealthy?"

"Because I want to know more about you; now get your stuff and let's leave." I ordered her.

"Are," She laughed, "are you forcing me?"

"I'm taking you home with me." I say cockily, "Don't you wanna come?"

"I barely know anything about you, businessman." She spat the title out, having no mercy on my soul. "You have a pretty big ego for a measly businessman."

I pulled out my phone to text Namjoon to keep everything in order back there,"Yeah, well big egos mean big something else."

"What? That you're a big dick? Because that's what I'm getting from you right now." She crossed her arms, then pushed her drink away. "I'm not going home with you, I just met you!"

"So, you've never had a one night stand?" I ask, coming up behind her. "It doesn't necessarily have to stay a 'one night stand', it could amount to anything."

"And it can stay like that, and we either never talk to each other again or I'm some booty call." She doesn't turn around, she keeps giving me her back.

"Something tells me you've been in this situation before." I break, touching my forehead. "Look, it's fine." I shoved my hands in my pockets, "I'm sorry."

"Are you leaving me now? Is that why you wanted to talk to me?" Her chair swiveled around to face me.

"No, you pabo."

She gasped, "What the hell?" She slapped me.

I grabbed my cheek, "Fuck!" I yelled, turning away from her. "What was that for?"

"For calling me an idiot. How could you say that so a woman?"

"I was kidding, Miyoung. Can't you take a joke?"

"It didn't sound like it." She crossed her arms over her chest.

"Well, I was. You honestly wouldn't think I'd call you that seriously, do you?"

"What?" She yelled, she couldn't hear me over the music and cheering.

Someone bumped my back, and I growled. "Watch where you're fucking going!" I yelled, pushing the guy back harder than I was bumped. "Can we get out of here? I'm tired of these fucking people and this fucking scene." I held my hand out to her. Miyoung stared at my hand, then at my face. I closed my eyes, preparing for rejection and the hard jacking I was going to do later on with this hand thinking about her sexy little body. Then, I felt warmth inside of my palm.

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