Izeiah's Pov

"Good evening, Ms. Robinson"

I smiled. "You haven't find yourself a seat and settled on sitting with me." I said and grinned.

He smirked. "Nailed it."

"He looks familiar."

"Lipstick! Nasaan ang pambo ko?"

"He's really here, huh?"

"Shikaiken. Ivan Shikaiken is here!!!"

The supposed to be whispers turned to announcements.

"You're really famous, huh?" I said as I tapped my foot impatiently.

"I guess you can say that."

I started cracking my fingers and even tapped my foot even faster than before.

He looked at me and smirked.

"Patience is a virtue." Umiling iling ako at tiningnan siya ng masama.

"Hungry." I simply said.

Merong kampanang umalingawngaw sa buong cafeteria, ramdam ko pang nguminig dito.

"Dinner is ready" sabi ng isang chef.

Maraming nagsilabasan na mga katulong at inihain ang mga pagkain sa harap. Yung mga plato, baso, tinidor at kutsara ay nasa gilid nito.

"Building 1, pwede na kayong kumuha ng pagkain niyo." Maraming nagsitayuan na studyante. Pumunta na sila sa harapan pero nahati ito sa dalawang linya, one for the ordinaries and the other are the powerfuls.

"Building 2" Ganon din ang nangyari 

"Building 6" I stood up but later realized I don't know where to stand. I should start a third line for people like me, who has messed up the hierarchy.

I ended up creating another line.

"Pinapatay ka na nila." Someone whispered behind me.

"I'd make it more worse if I pick between the two.... Spaghetti po at adobong manok at kanin" sabi ko.

Food courts closed around 5 to 6 pm. They open after breakfast. So the only time we can eat in the food court is in the afternoon.

There are over 10 different kind of foods for dinner infront of me. Well, what do you expect from an elite school?

Binigay na saakin ang aking pagkain. Pumunta ako sa drinking booth at nagorder ng milk.

I went back to my spot. Kinuha ko na ang tinidor. I prayed for chocolates before diving in.

Gosh, I really love spaghetti and adobo. Its been so long since I last ate a fine meal without chocolates.

"You have a large appetite for someone your height" Ivan said and smiled at me. I looked at him and all he had is soup.

"A soup can fill you up for a night? How is that even possible? For all I know, the soup only contains water and some meatless bones with small portions of vegetables." I complained and started eating again.

I stopped when I finished my spaghetti, I suddenly craved for soup.

I stared at Ivan who's elegantly eating his soup, he stopped and lifted his head, meeting my eyes.


"Can I taste your soup?" I asked. He looked at me weirdly but nodded. He offered me his soup and I grabbed the spoon and tasted the soup.

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