Chapter 14 - Pretty

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It was nice to get to spend a week with my parents, just the three of us like old times. I wanted that terribly again. It was so safe and simple with them, I didn’t have to worry about all the other stuff teens were supposed to worry about. Most girls worried about their hair, tan, their clothes and the sports they did. I never really cared for that growing up.

“H-How was y-your Christmas?”

We ate lunch in art class, it had finally snowed here in Damascus, we couldn’t go outside. I was shocked when he actually invited me to join him. He was giving me drawing lessons. I was terrible.

“It was fine,” he shrugged. “I’m not much of a holiday person.” His eyes were on the drawing as he did a free hand figure sketch of a mannequin in the middle of the room. “There,’

“Wow, y-you’re very good H-Harry.”

His dimples peaked a bit. ‘Thanks, you have a good holiday?”

“I d-did, it was nice to s-see snow again. I-It was really n-nice to just be w-with my p-parents.”

“I’ll bet it’s odd that you don’t have that anymore. I mean, it sounded like they were all you knew, and now they’re out and about.”

“Yes, e-exactly. It’s just strange. Are your p-parents close to y-you?”

He shrugged, not really answering the question. “Your turn,”

“I suck at d-drawing.”

“Just do it.”

I sighed, and picked up a fresh sheet of drawing paper. I started drawing, it was terrible. “N-Nope, I s-suck.”

“No, keep going,” he watched the movements of my hand. “You’re using short little lines to sketch. Go big, just open drawing,’ he put his hand on mine, and started guiding it. “Do you feel the difference between this,” he mimicked what I had done before, “Compared to this,” he started guiding it with bigger loops.

“Y-Yes,” I couldn’t hide my nervousness, my blush. He retracted his hand.


“N-No, it’s fine. N-No one’s r-really ever t-touched my h-hand is all.”

“What do you mean?” I stared. “You haven’t had a guy hold your hand?” I shook my head. “Have you… Finley have you kissed a guy before?” I shifted in my seat. “Wow.”

“Don’t m-make f-fun of me.” I muttered.

“No, no, I’m not. I’m surprised is all.”

“W-Why would you be s-surprised?” I looked up at him.

“You seem like the type of girl who dates a lot, well, if she could talk.”

‘I-I can to talk, I just get n-nervous. W-Why would you t-think I’d date a lot? Taylor said I l-looked like the type to p-play sports too, w-what did t-that mean?”

“It means he thought you had a fit body.” My lips parted. “I’m just being honest.” He laughed. “I said you look like the type because, I don’t know, you’re the pretty,” he got up. “Blond hair blue eyed girl. I thought you’d be the clichéd stuck up bitch when I first saw you. You know the type that swoops in, becomes Miss Popular and is just a nasty bully who is a snob.”


“Yeah, most girls here are assholes if I’m being honest.”

“Oh,” he nodded and packed up all the pencils.

“You… if you were a really big jerk you wouldn’t have let me keep coming to your locker.”

“I s-still don’t know w-why you d-do that.”

“You won’t,” he smiled.

“That’s very a-annoying you know.”

“I’ll bet.”

“Are you a-always this mysterious or d-do you really e-enjoy it?”

“A mix of both.” The bell rang. “See you around Finley.”

I sighed, my skin was heating at the thought, he said I was pretty. Why did that make me feel… so… it felt like things were floating in my stomach, and my face felt so hot with my sweaty hands.

I didn’t mind it, not one bit. 

A/N I hope you like this story! I can't wait for it to really pick up and you guys to see what happens!! Thanks for reading! 

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