JINHWAN ~ Jealousy [requested]

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KIM JINHWAN [requested]
by: SetsukoChannie

Note: This is the last request! I have exam tomorrow until the next days so... I'll update soon ~



"I'll just cheer for you there outside okay?" I said as I fix his hair in the front.

"Yaaaah you really need to. How can I be active on stage if you're not cheering?" I poked his arm.

"Stop acting like a kid! Oh, you guys are next seventeen's performance right? Then after you it's Monsta X?" He nodded at me and smiled.

"Yea yea. Just cheer for us huh?" He pinched my cheeks. He's so childish. Opposite of their maknae.

"It's your turn already. Goodluck Jinhwan!" I kissed his cheeks and he giggled.

"Whoo!" Jinhwan shouted and they ran on stage. See how childish he is?

They first performed Dumb & Dumber. Everytime he's singing his part, he's always winking at me. Then there I am, burning.

"Hi." I turned around to see who greeted me.

"Uh... hello. You're Wonho from Monsta X am I right?"

"Yes. Can I know your name?" He smiled at me. Oh my gosh his lips are sooo...

"I-I'm Ally. Jinhwan's girlfriend." He blinked many times before he replied,

"Nice to know you Ally. Jinhwan's so lucky to have a pretty girlfriend like you huh." We both chuckled. I smiled at him and he gave smile too.

"Ally!" A voice called me. I saw that the ikon members are already done performing. Then Jinhwan suddenly wrapped his arm around my waist.

Wonho and Jinhwan was exchanging looks. A serious look. It is so rare seeing Jinhwan with that kind of look. Like he can kill a lion right now.

"Um... okay. I'll just see you later Ally." Wonho smiled at the both of us and walked away. I smiled too, but as I look at Jinhwan, he's not smiling back at him. I gulped many times.

"Is he trying to be cute in front of you Ally?" Now, his attention is all mine.

"Of course not. He's just making friend. Jealous Jinhwan is so cute!" I chuckled and smiled. He only gave me a little smile. Ugh I meed to make him smile.

"Yaaaah Jinhwan! Sorry okay? You mad?" I stepped closer to him, looking at his precious eye.

"No, I'm not mad. How will I be jealous if I know that you're mine and I'm only yours?" He smirked that made my soul separate from my body.

"So cheesy." I crossed arms and rolled my eyes. But deep inside I'm dying.

"Can you wipe my sweat?" Jinhwan asked. He handed me a towel and smiled again. Now he's sweet expression is back.

I wiped his sweat from his face to his neck. Everytime I'm wiping his sweat, he's staring at me! A stare that can't be removed.

Because I'm like... panicking, I threw the towel on his face after I wiped his flawless neck.

"Do you want me to melt huh? I hate you." I muttered and poked his chest. He's just laughing.

"Yea I want you to melt cause I'm thirsty---"

"Eew stop that nonsense Jinhwan! Would you like me to call you Jinanshort again?" I laughed.

"No no don't!" Me and him laughed and talked about something cheesy again. You know what I mean.


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