Jhemaima,is walking alone while holding 10 books.Yes!She can carry it all.Someone running was about to hit her,

“STOP!”she shouted to stop the guy.And thanks goodness,the guy stopped and stared at her.

“Thank you”said Jhe and walked away leaving the guy

“Jhemaima”the guy said

“You know me?”Jhemaima asked while taking steps back

“Yes I do.I’ve been watching you for two years”

“2 years?Wow,you must be a stalker”she said and started to walk away

“I’m Emmanuel,I’m Emman”Jhemaima was taken aback about what the guy said.It’s like she knows someone who has a  name like Emmanuel or Emman

“Maybe,we can talk tomorrow?I’ll be returning these books to the library”

“Can I help you?”

“Oh sure!I’ve been carrying these books for how many hours,hoping someone will help me carry it”and she gave 6 books to Emman.She’s smart huh?

While walking,there’s a silence,a deafening silence..Jhe/Jhemaima feels like there’s no Emman,walking beside her.She can feel the stares of the other students,feels like they are talking about her and Emman.And also,she can feel that the books are just floating in the air and no Emman carrying those books.

She turned to her left to see Emman but there’s no Emman.She felt something weird.

“BOO!”Emman is on her right side

“You scared the hell out of me”said Jhe having a deep breathe

As they reached the library.They put the books on the table and the librarian took it.There are students in the library busy doing their homeworks,reports and other projects.

“Jhemaima,did you feel that?”the librarian asked her

“Feel what Mrs. Guevarra?”

“The cold wind,it just came,seems like there’s a ghost in here.By the way,who helped you carry those 10 books?”

“Emman,he’s here…”Jhe look for Emman but no Emman.

“I didn’t see someone with you entering the library”said Ms. Sanchez

“Maybe he’s a ghost?”Jhe said jokingly

“Hey stop that,it’s not funny”

“Alright Mrs. Sanchez,the ghost is waiting for me outside”Jhe said and winked

And there,he saw Emman,sitting alone in the bench..

“Hey!”Jhe said while approaching Emman

“Oh Hi there”and she sat beside Emman

“Aren’t you going home yet?”

“This is my home I mean,yeah..I’ll be going home later”

“You look like an innocent guy.The teachers and other students were not here because they’ll have their “beauty rest” for tonight’s ball”Jhe said quoting in the air

Stage Play (JiRex)Basahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!