Chapter 15

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"MOM!" I knocked at my Mom's door for hundred times "YOU TOLD ME NA I NEED TO BE FAST- OOH!" and suddenly iniluwa ng na ng door si Mommy, my jaw almost dropped when I saw her wearing the perfectly fit gray pencil-cut dress that I made for her "WOW! That was something!" saka pa siya umikot ikot sa harap ko

"So, what?" saka siya ngumiti sa akin

"Gorgeous..." and I beamed, Mom is my idol! Sabi nga nila I really looked like her! Well, we are both beautiful and that's given!

"Mom saan ba tayo pupunta?" I asked her while sitting on the passenger's seat, she was driving her silver Jaguar XF that my daddy bought for her for their wedding anniversary.

"We will just visit Dr. Dimaculangan..." she answered me

"Who is she?"

"A well-known plastic surgeon..."

"PLASTIC SURGEON? WHY DO YOU NEED HER?" I looked at her sternly, bakit kailangan niya ng plastic surgeon?

"Haley calm down..." and I heard her chuckled "I have a friend and her daughter had an accident... so she basically need a plastic surgeon for her daughter..."

"Bakit kailangan ikaw pa ang pumunta?" and I felt our car stopped, naka park na pala si Mommy sa tapat ng isang medyo malaking clinic

"...Because Dr. Dimaculangan was your Tito Brenan's colleague... and we're a little bit close because of that! Brenan introduced me to her and we became...somehow friends...I just want to help my other friend na makakuha ng best doctor for her daughter"

"Speaking of Tito Bren... why not Allison didn't take med course just like him?"

"I don't know dear... Allison is a business-minded person... I heard she has this some kind of business about signature bags and clothes..."

"Yes, she said that! Pero part time lang yun Mom... she is still finding herself daw and still thinking kung anong field daw ang gusto niya..."

"And her twin is happily staying with your brother..." dugtong ni Mommy saka inalis ni ang seat belt niya

"Oh! Her pervert twin who always makes my head hurts!"

"What's wrong with Angelo?" and my mom grinned "She is handsome just like his Dad!"

"But not as nice as him... I wonder nga kung kambal ba talaga sila ni Allison... Allison is so nice... sweet and preppy... I like to talk to her, she got this sense of humor that everyone will love unlike her twin na wala ng alam kundi kabastusan!"

"Easy dear..." saka tatawa-tawang kinuha ni Mom ang kanyang channel bag "You don't know Angelo that much! Isa pa wag ka ng magtaka... her mom is-" and suddenly her phone rang "It's your Dad, I have to take this..." I just nodded

Nauna na akong bumaba ng kotse, I was standing in front of the clinic when I noticed someone who is looking observantly on our car, I mean on my mom's car! He is a tall man, medyo mestizo and his hair is kinda long which is bagay naman sa kanya. He is like a kpop artist dahil matangos at medyo singkit rin ang eyes niya, he is just wearing a plain white shirt at faded jeans... and... and A PAIR OF SLIPPERS? GEEZ! Pero gwapo parin siyang tignan huh!

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