Chapter 14

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13 years after...

God! It's been two years since I left Philippines for France. Wala paring pinagbago, same Philippines, same economic status. Ako lang ang nagbago. I looked at myself in front of my pocket mirror "You're even more beautiful Haley Del Rosario..." I whispered, I in tack my loose hair behind my ears. It's been a long time... two years is really that long! I left Philippines for Paris when I was just sixteen.

"My Princess!" and I looked where the voice came from, of course I knew where it came from, and it is my ever handsome forty-four year old Dad!

"DAD!" I hugged him tightly, he never grow old "WHERE'S MOM?"

"HERE!" and I saw my gorgeous mom, a forty-four year old business tycoon walking with finesse with her royal blue pencil-cut dress


"Of course! Your mom is the most beautiful woman on earth!" bragged Dad

"What about me?" I asked him while pouting

"Of course you're beautiful... but next to your Mom!" and then we laughed

"Just find a man that will look at you as the most beautiful girl in the world..." and my mom winked, oh my god! Their sweetness never fades!

Dad holds my hand tightly "This is going to be a tough ride!" he said, of course I know that! Lots of reporters were waiting outside, I saw some body guards who are ready to cover us up!

"OH MY GEEE!" I gasped as I saw the reporters and photographers coming, ano bang meron sa pagdating ko? I will just spend some months here for vacation!

"Get on the car! Get on the car!" sigaw ng mga body guards, we are almost running... running away from those cameras na wala ng ginawa kundi sundan ang buhay ng mga kilalang tao. It's better in France... I can walk around even without wearing cap or some face coverings!

Ang hirap maging isang Rodriguez-Del Rosario!

"Oh god..." I hissed ng tuluyan na kaming makapasok to my Dad's gray Audi Q7

"How are you my princess?" Dad asked

"I'm good!" medyo sanay na ako "Then where is Kuya?" I asked them "He said he is going to stay here in the Philippines for good!" and my mom beamed

"Yes Ley! Finally... after thirteen years..." said Mom "Weeks lang ang tinatagal niya dito everytime he visited Philippines... and we are so happy that he is coming back! For good..."

"That's great! After all... panahon na para mahiwalay siya sa dalawang lalaking iyon!" and I shrugged, mom and dad just laughed at me

"Too jealous to your Kuya's bestfriends..." mom said

"Of course not! It's just that wala na silang itinuro na mabuti sa kanya since they stayed together in US! Kahit na si Kuya ang pinakamatanda... he was really influenced by those two pervs!"

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