Chapter 12

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I was heading back to the crowd, and still, my fingers were on my lips, my lips that Sky just kissed! AAAAAHHHH! Is it true? Can someone slap me at this moment? Am I dreaming? I felt like floating, walking on CLOUDS, I can feel the cold air on my skin! Is this how you feel after having your first kiss from your first and only love?

"ELAINE!" I was caught off-guard when someone pulled me off

"HEY!" I shouted at him "WHO ARE YOU?" but I was shocked when I recognized who was the man "DAD?" I was tangled "BAKIT KA ANDITO? DI BA NASA ITALY KA FOR SOME BUSINESS TRANSACTIONS?"

"SHHH!" he said "Try to lower your voice..." he whispered "Someone might hear us... Come..." saka niya ako hinila, we were heading to the back gate of the school.

"DAD! ANO ANG GAGAWIN NATIN DITO?" I asked him out of curiosity, I looked at his face; he is weary and ill "What happened to you Dad?" I cupped his face; it's been a couple of weeks since I last saw him. He is so busy in our business. I didn't even have the time to talk to him nor embrace him "I missed you so much Daddy..." and I hugged him tight

"I miss you too my princess..." he cupped my face "But I want you to listen to me..." he said, looking directly into my eyes, I saw his wrinkled face, how did you age like this just for a couple of weeks? Dad what happened to you?

I nodded "Now get in the car and listen very carefully to every word I'll say..." I did what he asked me, I observed him, his eyebrows, the movements of his eyes, his dry lips, his aged hands. It's like I'm with stranger.

"Dad, tell me what happened!" I started to talk

"Elaine..." his voice is too low "I'm sorry..." he said, I can feel the pain and loneliness in his voice "I'm sorry for putting you up into this my princess..." I can see the tiny droplets of water from his eyes "All I want is to give you good life... I want to give everything to you..." and he hit the maneuver "I'm sorry for being a dumb father!" and he started to cry "DAMN! IT'S ALL BECAUSE OF THAT FUCKING MONEY!"

"Dad!" I touched his shoulder "Tell me what happened? Tell please..." I can hardly see where we are heading to, probably home? But no, it's not the way to our home.

"Elaine... I've been in contact with a big Mafia boss in Italy for seven years now and that includes illegal drugs and human trafficking..." I was shaken with what I've heard! My Dad? My Dad is a criminal? Is this what Trisha the bitch is talking about? "...and... they found out that I'm having transactions to other mafia family which is excluded from what we have agreed..." I don't know what to say, I'm out of words...

"I did all my best to apologize to him but he said he can't trust me anymore..." My Dad was panting, his breathe is not normal and I can feel my dad's fear "...and he even said that he will get back at me..." I saw him gulped "I offered him anything... even the half of our wealth... but he refused..." he looked at me, dad is terrified... what can I do? "He threatened me..." he looked again on the road "He said... he will kill me... he will kill you! H-Hindi matatapos ito hangga't hindi nila nakikita ang bangkay ko!" and that stopped my breathing!

"Ano ng mangyayari sa atin Dad?" I asked after my tears came out "Dad... ano na ang- WAIT! MOMMY ELISE... MOMMY ELISE IS STILL THERE! WE HAVE TO GET HER!" I pulled my father's long sleeve

"Elise..." he talked with fierce "She betrayed me..." he said, napatulala ako dahil sa sinabi niya, i gulped saka lang napatitig sa kanya

"W-What? How? Why?" I was muddled with what's happening, kanina lang masaya ako dahil sa moment namin ni Sky and then... THIS!

Ano ba talaga ang nangyayari?

"I WAS INFORMED THAT SHE IS HAVING AN AFFAIR WITH A RICH FRENCH BUSINESSMAN IN PARIS!" Dad shouted with anger "THAT WHORE!" his jaw clenched and I saw his fist tightened "...and I do have the feeling that she is the one who informed the mafia boss about the secret transactions... after all, kaming dalawa lang naman ang may access doon..." I can sense my dad's ire, nasapo ko na lang ang ulo ko because of this overflowing information.

"Saan tayo pupunta?" I asked Dad hopelessly "What will happen to us dad?" I'm still crying, I really don't know what to do! Is this the end of the life na kanina lang nagpapasalamat ako dahil meron ako? What will happen to me? To dad? To Sky? To our future?

Hindi ko maipaliwanag ang nararamdaman ko ngayon, nalilito, natatakot...natatakot nab aka hindi na namin malampasan ang gabing ito!

"We are going somewhere kung saan hindi nila tayo makikita..." he said saka ko ako napatitig sa nakakuyom niyang palad "I have contacts in Alaska, there is a certain village there that is safe to live in..."

"ALASKA?" I yelled at him "DAD HELL NO I'M GOING TO LEAVE PHILIPPINES FOR PETE'S SAKE!" he looked at me angrily

"And you think I want to leave Philippines with all what we have? Elaine... kapakanan mo lang ang iniisip ko!" he said trying to make things clear to me, pero ayoko, ayokong umalis... not until I'm with Sky!

I get my phone and tried to dial Sky's number, I had two rings when suddenly Dad grabbed my phone and throw it outside "YOU'RE NOT CALLING ANYONE!" he scolded me "ALL YOU NEEDED IS ME ELAINE... WE ARE GOING TO LEAVE PHILIPPINES... JUST YOU AND ME!" he stressed every words he say

"NO!" I cried when suddenly we heard a gun fire

"FUCK!" I heard my father cursed "YOKO ELAINE!" he commanded me

"What's happening dad?" I cried, I was nervous and shaking, my heart is beating real fast because of fear! I felt my knees trembling...nakatingin na lang ako kay Daddy at mahigpit na humahawak sa upuan.

"They already found us..." he informed me, I felt the car moved faster compared kanina "Just keep-OH!" another gun fire "Keep your head low Elaine and trust Dad!" I covered my mouth trying to hide my sobbing, there I started to pray...pray that we'll be safe and we'll live...

I was crying... weeping... I don't know what to do and suddenly I heard a loud thunderclap "DADDD!" I cried, it was raining, raining real hard and I can see the lightning reflection every time it strikes! I put my two hands on my both ears, I'm trembling... shaking...shuddering because of fear...

Wala ako sa sarili ko habang patuloy na umiiyak habang yakap ang sariling mga binti. I can hear my Dad's shouts pero malabo na rin lahat iyon sa akin. Daddy is trying his best to get rid of the cars that are following us, it's raining and the roads were wet. I heard our car tire's screech...

"DADDDDD!" I shouted when I felt our car fell on something, I closed my eyes tightly!

God, what have I done wrong?

Is this the end?

Is this the end of me? Of us?

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