Chapter 11

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"Don't move Iha..." it's the nth time that Mommy Elise repeated that phrase, she personally put make-ups on my face and the one who decided the style of my hair for tonight, I was holding my phone tightly while observing her doing her job.

I was looking at my face in front of the vast mirror, this room was designed for this kind of occasion, all gowns, shoes, bags, jewelries and all were kept here "See... you are enchanting..." Mommy Elise praised me after putting the tiara on my styled long big-curled hair.

I beamed "Really?" I asked but the answer was so obvious, kahit ako nga gandang-ganda sa sarili ko at this very moment, the pink glossy lipstick and light pink blush-on that Mommy put on really blended with the slightly-dark pink gown that I am wearing. She even put some silvery glitters around my eyes that according to her will make my face shine even on the dark.

"You are so beautiful... Manang-mana sa akin..." she smiled at me while her hands were on my shoulder "Put on your gloves and we're ready to go..." she said and I did.

I was about to wear my shining silver stiletto with pink soles when she tapped my shoulder "Princess..." she said "I want you to wear this for your most memorable night..." I saw her sparkling eyes and mirrored through it her hoping for me to like what she is holding; it's a set of pearl-jewelry.

The necklace has four layers of perfectly-round pearls, It's really nice to look at, ang pagkakaalam ko, mas bilog, mas mahal. Ganun din ang bracelet at earings. Anyone who will wear that will definitely get the attention of all!

"Wow..." I was stunned by the beauty of it, ito ba yung nabangggit ni Daddy na binili niya kay Mommy para sa kasal nila? I'm so happy right this very moment, though alam kong hindi makakarating si Daddy sa Prom dahil sa business matters, at ramdam kong may problema, I understand him. Besides si Mommy Elise naman ang makakasama ko when the event ask us to dance with our parents.

"It was your Mom's jewels..." she informed me, I looked at her with teary eyes, my mom... my mom that I never saw and touched "Take it..." Mommy Elise said

Tinulungan niya akong isuot iyon, inilihis niya ang mahaba kong buhok para mailagay ang kwentas when suddenly I felt her hand on my nape "Why mom?" I asked her

"It's more obvious now than when you were just a kid..." I can't read her mind, naramdaman ko ang paglock ng necklace saka niya ulit inayos ang buhok ko "Yung birthmark mo na namana mo sa Mommy mo..." and I remembered my heart-shaped birthmark located on my nape, kunti lang nakakaalam nun dahil lagi namang nakaladlad ang mahaba kong buhok.

I flashed my sweetest smile to Mommy Elise, I'm just thankful for having them in my life... Dad... Mommy Elise...Yaya... and most especially Sky... WAIT si Sky! Ngayon din ang alis niya and I called him kanina para iconformed na siya ang escort ko while we, the candicates are taking the hall for the presentation... GOSH! Kinakabahan ako, will Sky like it? Will he praise me too?

I'm dying to know!

"We have to leave now kung ayaw mong malate..." Mom was also packed-up. She is wearing a silver-gown perfectly fit on her slender body. Mommy Elise is really exquisite with her topknot-hair and exposed back. Kaya siya siguro minahal ni Dad.

Inalalayan niya ako hanggang makarating kami sa harap ng kotse niya. She decided to use her car instead of mine, yung lagi naming ginagamit ng driver ko sa paghatid at pagsundo sa akin sa school.

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