Chapter 9

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"Sky!" I called my son as soon as he placed his bag pack on the sofa "How's your day?" I asked him

"Dad!" he replied and smiled at me, saka napatingin sa wrist watch niya "Ang aga mo ata? Where's Mom?" tanong niya saka kami nag manly hug.

"She's in the office... meron lang siyang inaayos, pinauna na niya ako to check you guys..." I answered him "Wala kasi si Nanay, nauwi ng probinsya, biglaan eh..."

"Talaga?" Sky asked "Then where is Haley?" I looked at my wrist watch too and it says 7:00 p.m "Sa kwarto niya... She's sleeping..." I answered him "What's that?" My attention was caught by a small paper bag, na may pangalan ng isang jewelry store

"Ah that?" saka siya tumingin doon "Ah... necklace Dad..."

"Necklace? For whom?" I asked him with curiosity

"F-For... for me... for me of course..." sagot niya saka agad na rin iyong siniksik sa loob ng bag niya

"Sky... I want to talk to you..." he just nodded atsaka umupo sa sofa, mukhang alam na niya ang gusto kong sabihin

"I'm listening Dad..."

"It's about the scholarship..." I started "Your Mom and I want you to accept it..." he has no reaction after that

"...Is your decision final?" I looked at the maid who served us the cold orange juice "Thank you..." I muttered and looked at Sky again "You know how much your Mom wants it..."

"I just... I just can't accept it Dad!" he answered me "Marami namang magagandang school dito sa Philippines..."

"May I know the reason?" he looked away

"It's... it's just that... I don't want to stay away... from... you... my family..." and he cleared his throat

"Ok!" I answered him "Since your Mom understands you, whatever or whoever the reason-"


"Fine, sige, you will stay here, pero as soon as you changed your decision, just inform us okay?" he nodded

He is about to stand up when I called him "...and Sky?"

"Yes Dad?"

"How's Elaine?"

"She's good... mukhang wala pa po siyang alam..." he calmly answered me

"Talaga? I think her father wants to protect her from what's happening..." nakayuko lang si Sky "Kailan mo sasabihin sa kanya?"

"I don't know Dad... All I can do is to always remind her to take care of herself and stay away from unwanted people..." naguguluhan niyang sabi "Her father doesn't want her to know... Ako pa kaya? Do you think, I need to tell her?" he asked me, he is concerned, that's obvious!

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