Chapter Sixty Two

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"Ooooh yes! Eggs in the sanctuary!" Anora said hanging off Charlie's shoulder. "You know what that means?"

"A lot of omelettes." Charlie answered.

"A lot of babies!" Anora clapped her hands together. "Baby dragons everywhere! Oh, I'm so excited!"

"The way you get so excited for the dragon young, makes me think you two should be wasting no time on making your own young." Magnus called to them.

Charlie and Anora turned around facing the man. Their faces were scrunched up as if he had said the filthiest thing in the world.

"What? What did I say? Don't you want your own children?" Magnus asked them.

"We already have two." Charlie said.

Magnus' eyes widened. "Two?!"

"Norberta and Roscoe. One of each, boy and a girl. I think we're quite happy with that."

"And any other dragon that comes along after that is always welcomed in our family." Anora smiled.

Magnus smiled warmly at the two.

"I knew I was going to like working here."

Coming upon the nesting ground, Anora was all too excited watching the female dragons tend to their eggs.

"There's so many...must have been a good season." Anora nudged Charlie who chuckled.

"Must have been."

Charlie began the egg count as the three kept their distance away from the soon-to-be mother dragons, knowing all too well that the females were already aggressive but around their eggs, they were beyond deadly.

He glanced over at Anora who had a dreamy look on her face as she watched one of the dragon's heat up her egg.

"Remember when Roscoe hatched?" she asked him.

"Of course, I don't think I've ever seen you more excited."

"Now look at him...he's growing up way too fast."

Norberta felt a surge of excitement when she saw the return of the red head man that kept her company in the sanctuary. She watched as he sat there with a quill in hand, pointing to several locations as he counted eggs. Of course, not far from him, the white haired one was just sitting there, not being productive at all with her time.

The she-dragon went to walk over, but realized quickly that she was juvenile female about to enter the territory of a nesting ground. Norberta was strong and stubborn but she wasn't stupid. She was not about to take on several dragons who were guarding their eggs.

So, she waited patiently in the brush. Watching and waiting for Charlie to notice her.

But as his mate beside him spoke, Charlie paid no attention to Norberta and was unaware of her presence.

The movement behind Norberta slightly startled her, as she whipped her head around, ready to snap at the intruder.

Roscoe walked into the area as he had picked up Anora's scent easily. He wasn't paying attention as he moved through the trees, only to have Norberta appear out of nowhere, rearing her head and snapping at him.

He nearly lost his balance on his legs, but used his longer wingspan to catch himself. He snorted in her face before nearly clocking her in the face with the tip of his left wing. His wings probably almost weighed more than Norberta as Roscoe continued to grow in size. As part of the largest breed of dragon, Roscoe was no longer the small dragon that had popped out of the egg witnessed by Anora and Charlie.

It was possible by the time that he was full grown that he would be one or the largest dragon in the sanctuary and even by then, Sultan wouldn't stand a chance against him.

But then there was Norberta, one of the most stubborn dragons in the entire sanctuary. Small because she was still young, with her attitude, one would think she was the biggest dragon.

The puff of smoke in her face seemed to irritate the female dragon, enough that she crawled at the ground, but Roscoe ignored her turning his attention back to Anora who appeared occupied with Charlie. Roscoe knew all too well that would change as soon as he arrived on the scene, he was ready for attention and rats. Lots of rats.

Norberta's tail lashed back and forth in fury that Roscoe had the nerve to puff smoke into her face, she went to retaliate but watched as the male went and waltzed on over to where the two handlers were.

He was an idiot if he thought he could casually walk over and be that close to the nesting grounds.

She gave him a warning by moving before him, but the rotund dragon easily moved her out of the way.

Then again, Roscoe being an idiot wasn't something new.

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