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Maria's POV

I woke up to the sound of my brother banging on the doors.

"Wake up and go make breakfast!"He yelled bitterly from the outside of the door.                                                           

I jumped up and checked the time. 4:12 am. I sighed,I was extremely tired and sore from all the beatings I had gotten. I don't know what I did to deserve them, I had always obeyed them and haven't broken a single rule. But I know why they do it. Its because I don't shift into a Big Bad Wolf like they do, I shift into a simple cat. I know i'm not strong and I know I'm not fast and I don't have a body of a model but that's not a good enough excuse of why they have the right to torture me. But I'm not alone there are another 2 werecats living here. 2 girls 3 if you include me.

We all get treated like slaves around here and we hate it. I was actually going to kill myself once when I was 15 but my best friend Nina talked me out of it. She is a werecat to. I got up and looked in the mirror I had naturally tan skin and dark brown hair. I had curves but they were covered up from all the baggy clothes I wore. My eyes are blue and my eyelashes are long. If my face wasn't covered in bruises I would actually look very pretty. I am skinny but I am able to steal food from the kitchen as I cooked for them.

I walked to the bathroom and took a quick cold shower. I dried my hair with a rag I call a towel and braided my hair. I put on a white t-shirt with some old baggy jeans and a pair of torn up sneakers and a big old blue hoody. I checked the time and found out it was 4:36 am. I ran through the hall and banged on all my friends doors telling them to get up so they don't get beaten. I ran to the kitchen and started making breakfast.

I had cooked sausage,bacon,eggs,toast, and made orange juice. I turned around to see Xavier's slut of a girlfriend Kristy. I looked down at the floor not making eye contact.

"Well look what we have here!"She screeched. I said excuse me and tried to get around her but being the bitch she is she wouldn't let me.

"I'm on a diet I can't eat that."she said. I turned around to go make her something else when she tripped me and I landed on my face. I got up and a tear escaped my eye.

"Aw, is someone crying"she said in a baby voice still laughing. I turned around and went to the fridge to and grabbed some food and started making a healthy breakfast for her. I finished setting everything up around 6:30 am. I grabbed an apple and started my walk to school. I sighed and headed out the door thinking what my parents would say if they saw me now. They would most likely call me pathetic and useless. I sighed and continued walking lost in my thoughts.


When I got to school I was greeted with the same shoving and "hey bitch" and " watch where your fucking going you useless whore". I don't see the joy they get in doing this to me or Nina. I think the only people who don't physically hurt me are my brother and sister. Yes they call me names and yes they still make my life a living hell but they have never laid a finger on me. And I know what your thinking a boy hitting girls? Yes they do hit us and I don't know why. When I was a little younger I thought it was because I did something wrong but as I grew I just knew they do it for fun.

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