"Jin's past"

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[Jimin's POV]

After that whole ordeal , Jin suggested on taking me back home rather than going into school. He casted a spell over the school to make the officials believe I was there. The main problem was my step dad. If he knew I skipped school , he'd kill me. But I guess , Jin had a plan for that too. Another spell was casted to give me invisibility and to mute sounds. It would be only temporary sadly. I wouldn't mind disappearing right now.

Jin kept and arm around me , holding me tight to him as we walked back home. Some tears fell here and there , I felt so embarrassed and stupid. Jungkook is such a sweet person , I can't even imagine why even puts up with Taehyung. Jin would occasionally look and my face and wipe my tears and give me a smile , his smile always makes me feel better somehow.

"Y-you don't have to do that , ya'know?" My voice was pitched and squeaky. I guess I cried harder than I thought. "Doesn't matter. You're my friend. This is how I'd treat a friend." He looked straight and I looked over at his chest. Did he always have shoulder like this? Jin must have been some sort of football player in his past years.

"Jimin. Do us both a favor and use the magic to teleport us to your house. I can float but it's still exhausting. Beauty talks not walks." I rolled my eyes and stopped. "Doesn't that only work if Jungkook is there?" I sighed at his name , saying it was way too painful. "If it did , I wouldn't be telling you to use it. Just focus on your house and me there and It'll take us."

I nodded my head and thought about my house , how the key hangs on a board nailed tight near the kitchen and the living room that has a blue love seat facing the window , covered in dusty white blinds ,  and a reclining chair where my father would drink his alcohol from on Saturdays. I even tried to remember a time where he and my mom where happy a-

"Jimin. We're already here. You did really good. What did you think off?" Jin asked walking in front of me. I stood there slowly opening my eyes to see my bedroom. "I ... just thought of my mom and how the house looked. Nothing special." I started walking towards my room. I sat down on the bed and laying back , exhausted. Jin hovered over to me and frowned. I soon sat back up and looked at him.

"Jin. What's wrong? I'm the one that should be upset , not you.." I used my right foot to slip off my sneakers. It was too tiring to bend down and take them off. Jin then sighed looking at the photos of me and the Bangtans. He took one of the wooden frames into his hands and  looked at me.  "Jimin!" He shoved the framed picture into my face and pointed.

"Jin! calm down , you're scaring me right now!" I furrowed my eyebrows and looked at him , backing up onto my bed. "Is that some kind of crack? I'm scaring you because I'm a ghost?" I snatched the photo from him. "No! You're scaring me because your yelling and shoving this in my face!" I wiggled the frame in my hands. I then looked at the picture to see what the fuss was all about.

It was just a simple photo I took with me and Namjoon. It was when he first moved into my neighborhood. We became instant friends. I didn't understand what was getting Jin all riled up. "You idiot , it's just a picture!" I laughed but Jin's cold expression made me quiet. I then looked at the picture one more time and then back up at Jin. "Jin..?" He just stated at the frame that was being tightly gripped into my hands.

"Is there something about him? Namjoon?" Jin quickly looked at me and grabbed the frame again looking at only the boy. "T-that's his name? Kim Namjoon". I tiled my head. "Jin , I never said his surname...how did you know it was Kim..?" Jin sighed and sat down beside me on the bed. "I never really did tell you about my past , did I?"

I laughed and looked at Jin. "I just assumed you were a football star or something?" I didn't understand what he what he going to say. I'm actually pretty scared to hear. But , this is what I wanted. I want Jin to be open up to me. To tell me what's been going through his head. It hasn't dawned on me until now.

Jin is dead. I keep forgetting that since he's been by my side for a few weeks now. But , He lost his life at such a young age ,there must be some sort of explanation. "Jimin. I wasn't going to tell you but I think an explanation is due , don't you think?" I nodded my head. It's really hard to speak when your scared beyond compare. He exhaled and the truth unfolded..

"I was murdered..." My eyes widen. I was hoping maybe his death was illness or accident but not intentional murder. I sat there quietly , hoping to not let my expression show. "I , in my early life , wasn't that popular nor was I talented or smart. I sometimes would have to run away from the boys that would chase me home. But one afternoon , I didn't run home , I stayed in this little shop that I never noticed before." He paused and let out a slight chuckle. "..Maybe because I was always running." I gave a heartfelt smile and crossed my legs , sitting up straight on the bed , making sure to give Jin my full attention. "This shop had so many amazing things. Vials filled with mixed colors and stocked shelves of books you could only dream off. I fell in love with the shop , and it's shopkeeper. Sadly , I'm forbidden to say his name but he was a Kim. We became friends. We became .. lovers. But I was just his little secret , his side love , when his wife was too busy to care. He would tell me how his son was getting married and how they planned on having a child. I of course suggested a name. Do you know what that name is , jimin?"

I didn't want to say it. What would happen if I said it? Everything would change for sure. But , I sucked up my fear and parted my lips. "Kim .. Namjoon?" Jin nodded his head and I felt uneasy. "Jin. That still doesn't explain how you were murdered..?" He laughed. "I'm trying to be dramatic but if you want me to get straight to the damn point then fine!" I rolled my eyes. "Then get to the damn point. Mother Jin~!" I mocked Jin who looked pretty aggravated. "The bullies one day found out where I've been hiding. They caught me and him reading that book." He pointed to the Black Magic book on the desk.

"They called me and him all types of slurs which gave me the courage to defend myself for the first time. It failed. One of them took the book from my hands and attempted to throw it away. But , I didn't.. I didn't want that too happened so I grabbed it back and we tugged on the book back and forth until a page ripped. You see Jimin , the book is made up of sacred pages , that has a cursed lined into the cotton weaved to make the book's magic work. Unfortunately for me ,that page's curse was to take the one most dearest to you  exchange for the lost of the special paper. So , because it wasn't my book , They took the person most dearest to him. Which was me. I died that night a slow and painful death. After that , all I remember was that I was told of your birth. October 13 , 1995. I was too watch over you until age 17 when you'll most likely fall in love."

I frowned my face. "Jin , what? Why me?" 

"If I help you fall in love with the one most dearest to you then.."

"Then what?"

"I'll be able to come back to life."


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