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Harry and Louis use one of the things for the first time a few days later. Louis is curled up in Harry's lap, Harry's long fingers playing with his hair.

"You want to try out my present?" Harry asks softly into his ear. Louis perks up then, no where near sleep like he previously was. He nods his head quickly, turning to kiss Harry slowly, relaxing into it.

Harry moans when Louis nibbles on his jawline as he carries him up the stairs. Louis' legs are wrapped around his hips, tongues tangled together like Louis' fingers in Harry's hair. Harry puts Louis down on the bed, going down with him as they continue to kiss, sharing noises with each other and panting into each other's mouths like they couldn't breathe without one another.

Louis pulls back and lets Harry's lips create galaxies on his neck that he wants to stay forever.
"P-present?" He asks. Harry grins and nods his head, allowing himself one more kiss before he gets up to retrieve the things he needs. Louis lies splayed out on the bed, lips swollen and beautifully pink from kissing. His eyes follow his daddy around the room longingly. Harry smiles softly at him from where he is stood in front of his cupboard.

"You okay, baby?"
"I'm great daddy, excited. Are you?"
"I'm very excited, sweetheart," Harry nods, walking back over to the bed. "Want to wear panties?"
"Uhm can I decide in a minute?" Louis requests.
"Of course you can, love."

So Harry slips the thigh high, black, knitted socks up his legs, kissing the skin before it's covered by the fabric.
"You're so beautiful, baby."

Louis asks if he can keep his thin, black jumper on because he could get chilly. Of course Harry agrees, he'd do anything for his baby. Louis holds his hands out and lets Harry strap the bondage mittens around his wrists. They make him unable to use his hands at all and he absolutely loves them. Harry turns him over, hands massaging his arse gently as he sucks bruises into the dimples of his back.

"You doing okay, lovey?" Harry asks sweetly, as he spreads lube over two fingers. "Words, baby," he encourages when Louis just nods.
"I'm okay. Little nervous because it's a new thing."
"That's normal, sweetie. But everything's okay, right? Because daddy's here. And daddy's got you," he soothes. "You okay for me to start?"
"Yes daddy, thank you."

Harry slowly circles Louis' hole, the pad of his thumb pressing in just so before pulling it back out.
"My beautiful, beautiful boy," he whispers softly as he eases one finger into Louis slowly as to not hurt him. Louis sighs happily, smiling where his face is pushed into the duvet.

Harry pulls his finger out and when he pushes it back in, his index finger accompanies it. Louis whines and arches his back even more.
"Look so lovely like this, baby. Love seeing you open up for me."
"Daddy-" Louis pants. "Feels good."
"That's good, Lou. I always want you to feel good. I'm gonna put your plug in now okay?"
"Please, daddy."

Louis shivers when he feels the soft, black fur brush against his thighs and the hard plug pushing into him.

"Doing amazingly, Lou. Nearly finished."

When the plug is snug inside Louis, the jumper being held up by the tail and shows his arse of nicely. The tail sways between his thighs, tickling his sensitive skin. He bites his lip, rolling onto his back when Harry guides him to.

He stares up at his daddy, wonderfully flushed and glossy eyed. Harry kisses him gently, lovingly before he clips the cat ears into Louis' hair.
"Stunning," he whispers, fingers softly brushing over Louis' cheek bone as they stare into each other's eyes.

"Only crawling for you, baby. I'll carry you down the stairs," Harry explains before he carefully picks his lovely lad up. Louis panics a little when he can't grab hold to ensure his safety, but Harry tells him it's all okay and he trusts him and relaxes.  "I'm so proud of you, Lou." Louis makes a soft mewling sound and smiles shyly up at Harry. "Good boy."

Harry puts him on the floor at the bottom of the stairs and pats his head twice before moving to sit on the couch.

He watches with wide eyes as Louis crawls over, a mitten clad hand pushing hair out of his eyes in a very cat-like gesture. His hips wiggle and the tail moves slowly, over the curve of Louis' bum as he makes his way over to his daddy.

When he gets to Harry, he nuzzles against his leg, strokes at it with his "paw". Harry pats the couch beside him, grinning when Louis hops up to sit on the couch with him.
"Good, little, kitten," he compliments, scratching between Louis' "ears" when Louis curls up next to him. Louis hums contently, resting his head on Harry's thigh.

Harry goes out of the room to get a drink and comes back with a small bowl of milk, placing it near his feet. Louis looks surprised but hesitantly crawls over, raising his bum when Harry strokes along his back, body chasing his touch. Nervously, he laps at the milk, Harry stroking him or playing with his tail the whole time.

"Good boy, drinking all of your milk. Such a good kitty," Harry praises, lying next to Louis on the floor. He trails soft fingers over Louis' thighs and Louis giggles, batting at his hand with his paws. Harry laughs too, letting his hands go beneath the jumper to scratch at Louis' belly. He hums quietly and presents his belly to Harry, wriggling when it tickles.

He plays with his own tail, whimpering quietly when it tugs on his rim, Harry watching happily. Louis rolls onto his belly and stretches, pushing back until his tail is high in the air and his face is at the floor. Harry twirls his tail around his finger, observing Louis as he begins to crawl around the room.

He finds a box, the one their new toys were packaged in, and wiggles his way into it, popping his head and paw out to scratch at the lid. Harry grins, shuffling over to hit the cardboard flap back up so Louis can continue playing. He stays there messing with Louis for a bit before Louis jumps out of the box, tackling Harry to the floor. He paws at Harry's chest, circling a few times before he settles on Harry's stomach.

Harry strokes his hair gently, scratches behind his ears and on the underside of his chin.
"Good kitten. Sleepy kitten?" He asks quietly.
"Yes daddy," Louis whispers, wiping at his eyes with his paws.

He brings Louis upstairs and takes out the clips, undoes his mittens and removes his plug. But he leaves the jumper and socks, wanting Louis to be warm.
"Did brilliantly, baby. So much better than I thought it would be. Daddy loves you.
"Love you, daddy. Had fun."
"Did you love?" Harry grins. "That's good. Sleep now, baby or daddy will have a grumpy Lou on his hands."

"Night kitten."

I didn't know how to write the kitten play but I hope this is okay! Any suggestions?

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