08 | The Moment He Thought He Lost Her Again.

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''Steve!'' She screamed as the light blackout, her voice filled with pain and fear. The agents drag me out of the room, away from her scream. I try to fight back with all of my strength but it's worthless, the doors have already closed separating us with me out here in the light and her alone in the dark.

I turn around, realising me from the agents grip and see Fury and the rest coming out from the observation room.

''Why?'' Is the only thing I say and glare at them with mistrust and anger written all over my hurt face expression. My voice is low, almost like a whisper flying through the air. He eyed me and then face Agent Romanoff, her glare shift from Fury to me in a split of a second and then back to him, a second just for me to see her face and the coldness playing on it. Even though her face says one thing her eyes tells me a different story, she know's my anger and the feeling of betraying.

The rest stands behind Natasha with their eyes locked on the floor, all except for Tony. He meets my eyes, and for the first time since I meet him I see a light of humanity and compassion, something I never thought I would see.

I hear the whispers from Fury and Natasha, but unluckily I only manage to hear some words. ''She doesn't know'' I hear Natasha respond to their argument to what I think is about Abigail. Fury has been on edge all day since he found out that she might be The Chimera, I had my disbelief's before today until I saw her hazel-brown eyes change into glowing icy blue and her strength. She's far more powerful that I ever imagined.

'' Orders are orders, Agent Romanoff. You follow them or face the consequences'' Fury says and turn around to face me, he points at me and take a step forward. ''The same goes for you soldier, if you disobey my orders one more time there will be consequences and I don't give a damn that you are Captain America'' My eyes drift down to his finger pointed at my chest and then up at him. The rage inside of me is boiling.

I would never disobey orders, never, but this is different. You know love makes you do stupid things, it's what I'm doing right know.

''Take your finger off me'' I say with a harsh voice and meet his gaze.

''You're off the case, Rogers. Your to close to the suspect'' Everyone's eyes land on us as the tension in the room rises, Natasha take a step forward followed with Burton. Her hands carefully land on her holster as Bruce take a step back from the crowd opening the door taking our attention.

''You don't want the green guy to come, don't you?'' He says with a glare and closes the door behind him. The pressure from Fury's finger disappears from my chest as he turns around with his hand behind his back.

''Lock him up'' Something hard hit my head as I fall down to the ground, his shadow fades further away as the sound of his boots against the floor disappears.


I wake up to the sound of Natasha's voice. She rubs my shoulder in an attempt to wake me up, I let out a groan and flutter my eyes open. Her red hair is the first that catch my attention, then the light from the strip light in the ceiling.

''Wake up, Captain'' her voice says, I sit up and look over at her, she sits across the room on a chair with her hands folded in her knees. Swinging my legs down from the bench I take a step forwards and scratch the back of my neck with one of my hands, my fingers travel over the sore spot from the punch as that's when it all comes back.

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