Chapter 6

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Wait you got dumped too...Weird so did i. So how again did we end up in bed together

Chapter 6

Jessie's POV

I opened the door and saw  my mom and Eva staring at me with teary eyes, I wonder what's  going on like serious, I slowly approached the couch meeting Eva's eye. I've never seen my mom or Eva cry.

"Gracias a Dios" my mom yelled jumping up and running toward me, bear hugging me sobbing, I Looked at Eva glaring at her knowing she has something to do with this. just like all the other times when something went horribly wrong!

"Is this her ma'am" the  looking Mexican cop said smiling in a comforting smile, I Guess. My mom pulled away and nodded her looking at the cop, The cops stared at me for a while, my guess is because my hair is messed up like I just got rap-d, my clothes are stretched, and my makeup is all smeared all over.

The cops whispered to each other for a while, then turned and looked at me slowly  up and down. I looked back at my mom giving her a warming smile hoping she'd lighten up, I can't imagine what the heck is going on! and why the cops would have to get involved.

" Are you alright" the chunky white cop said looking at me with a warming look, I nodded my head slowly looking all over the room. I wonder what time it is, it can't be later then like 12:00. Gosh I must have cuddle with Nate for hours.......Felt like heaven if you ask me!

"Well I think our  job here is done"the Mexican cop said walking toward the door, before they left they both toke a  quick glance at me. I give me a nerves smile nodding my head in a approving way.

" So whats going on" I said sitting down on the couch after closing and locking the door, I  looked at eva telling her I wanted her to explain it to me, Not my mom.

" Well, ah- I looked for you at that party for over an hour, I check all the rooms and I couldn't find you and its not like you to leave alone" she said sobbing "So I came here at like 3:00am but you weren't here, So we waited intill like 8:00am to call the cops" She tried to control herself to stop sobbing but it didn't really work it just made her sob louder.

I moved over to her and hugged her padding her back, and telling her "I was sorry". Her sobs softened and she looked up at me. My mom sat by behind me hugging both me and eva.

" I'm sorry I didn't Know You guys would worry so much"

" Mija, No matter what we will always worry about you!, and I'm just glad you OK" My mom said hugging me and kissing my forehead, I laid back and just let the moment stay for a while!


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