Terra woke up with a pounding in her head. The light from the sun shone through the window and she felt like jack hammers were going off inside her head. Finally getting the courage to open her eyes she realized where she was and almost fell out of bed when she heard a snore beside her.

Josh Laid there sound asleep in nothing but a pair of boxers and she could not help but take in the view while she had a chance.

“See something you like?” Terra jumped and realized Josh was awake looking at her with a smirk on his face. Terra blushed and stuck her tongue out before she stood up and went to the bathroom. Closing herself in, she looked in the mirror and cringed at her appearance. Her hair was everywhere and her make-up was running down her face. She noticed she was wearing one of Josh’s T-shirts and could not remember changing when they got back. After washing her face and rinsing her mouth out she headed downstairs to find Josh sitting at the table eating tricks cereal.

“Silly boy tricks are for kids.” She said sitting down and pouring herself a bowl.

Josh just laughed and shook his head. “How are you feeling Drunky?”

Terra blushed and scowled. “I have felt better. How did I get here?”

“You really don’t remember?” He asked perplexed.

Terra shook her head and waited for him to tell her. “Well I had to beat Bryan off of you and I brought you here. Amie went home with Jenna Jeremy’s sister. I had to change you out of your dress because you got sick last night and I figured you would be more comfortable.”

Terra stared wide eyed. If he changed her then that means he saw a lot of her. She didn’t wear a bra and her panties were almost nonexistent. As if reading her mind Josh started laughing.

“Its ok I didn’t look…much…nice tits by the way kid. When did you grow up?” Josh laughed even harder and Terra stood up and began to walk out of the kitchen embarrassment taking over.

She had barely made it out of the kitchen and into the hallway when Josh grabbed her wrist and pinned her to the wall. “I was just joking. Calm down. I didn’t see much but what I did see was beautiful.”

Terra blushed crimson and couldn’t help getting caught in his eyes. They were even brighter blue than is sisters. Terra didn’t know what had happened but before she could even process what was happening Josh’s lips were on hers. He pulled her closer into his chest and lifted her up pinning her to the wall while grabbing ahold of her butt. The kiss grew deeper and Terra was completely lost.

It wasn’t until he pulled away she realized what she just did. She had kissed her best friend’s older brother. The one boy that was off limits to her. before anything could be said she ran up the stairs changed and hurried out the door.

By the time she made it to her house she was completely out of breath. Tip toeing through the house so she didn’t wake her mother up, she went straight to her room and laid down on her bed.

That kiss! She thought. It was amazing. Terra couldn’t get it out of her head. Mentally groaning she covered her face with a pillow and tried to force it out. She was stupid if she thought anything could happen. Josh was her best friend’s brother. That alone made him off limits. It also did not help that he was a well-known player at school.

Deciding to keep herself occupied she found a book and decided to read her worries away. it was almost four when her stomach growled and she realized how hungry she was.

Tip-toeing to the kitchen she made herself a sandwich and was almost to the stairs when she heard her mother get up. She stood there frozen with fear.