Monthly form and coupon

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Welcome to PiiXIE Dust Magazine, where we tell you everything, from hair and beauty to advice and gossip plus much more!!! I hope you enjoy our magazine!!! If you have any problems or ideas, you can reach customer service at @PiiXIEDustMagazine.

Now, here is our monthly form and coupon!!!

Hey, guys here’s a monthly form you fill out. You have a chance to win a free link to one of your books, and your username in one of our next issues. All you have to do is give seven votes to the magazine, and fill out the form for a chance to win. Plus since this is our first issue we’ll give you a coupon to use for a free fan from us, and to make it five votes!!!

 Coupon code: Fan2232

With this code your entitled to a free fan, and make the votes 5 instead of 7 when you enter it in form.



Why should you be advertised:

Did you do the votes: ( )Yes Or ( )No Mark a X on one.(We will be checking if you did the votes so please don't lie)

Book you want advertised:

Any coupon codes you have from issues:

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