~Alyssa's POV~

"Now pick a card any card. Show the audience, but don't show me." My brother Daniel said from the center of the giant crowd he drew in.

"Is that your card?" He asked a girl in front whose shirt was probably from the kids section of a department store.

"How did you do that?" She asked flirtatiously as Daniel gave her his signature smirk.

I knew then that I wasn't going to be able to go back to the apartment for a couple of hours. Danny was going to show his "biggest fan" a great time then kick her out.

As the crowd starts to leave, I get up to go pick up the extra cards that Danny forgot and start doing little tricks with them. I'm not as good as Danny, but I'm getting there. The majority of the acta he uses in his performances are my ideas, he just has a knack for making them look good and pulling them off.

As I'm picking up the cards I see a slightly bigger card that isn't like the rest.

"What's this?" I silently ask myself turning it over. 'Clever Goddess' is written in fancy letters underneath a picture of a lady with a crystal ball.

As I look on the other side I see that there's an address for an apartment a few blocks down and a time for the following day. Right above the address is a picture of an eye.

"No.....way. No way!!" I started getting excited and realized I had to tone it down a little to avoid unwanted attention. I knew I had to go talk to Daniel right away. 'I don't care if he's doing someone, or something. This is important.' I thought to myself while calling a cab.

As I walked into my hall I heard a door slam shut.

"Damn magician, damn asshole" said the half naked girl that was at tonights show.

"Looks like Danny got one too...he never turns that down." I said to myself walking into the apartment.

"Aly!! You'll never guess what I got!"

"Actually, I think I can," I said trying to hold in my excitement but failing. "I GOT ONE TOO!!!" I yelled holding it up.

"What!! No way! This is awesome! What does yours say?"

"Clever Goddess." I said smirking. "Yours?"

"I got....the Lover." He said with a smirk on his face. I just rolled my eyes at him, but I couldn't keep the smile off my face.

'I still can't believe it though. I mean...I get that you get one. You deserve it, but me? I'm not that good." Frowning a little looking down at the card.

"Seriously? Alyssa you're amazing. Sure you don't have as many tricks up your sleeve, but the ideas you come up with are....insane. Your ideas are one of the reasons I love doing magic. They're creative and fun. Plus, your card tricks are improving greatly. You'll be crazy good eventually."

I smiled up at him.

"You know, as much of a dick you are most of the time, you're a pretty good brother."

"Gee, thanks sis." He said not sure of how to fully take it.

"Now, off to bed." I said walking to my room.

"You're able to sleep after this?" He asked.

"Yep" I looked at him with a huge smile. "Gotta have my creativity up and working for tomorrow"

"Haha, good night Aly."

A/N Slow start I know, but I mainly wanted to introduce the main character and her relationship with her brother. Jack and the rest of the crew will be introduced in the next chapter.


Constructive criticism is HIGHLY recommended. I've never really written a fanfic before so I'd love feedback. Thanks guys

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