Part Sixteen

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No more shall I wait.



"Kai once did a favor for his father," Nico started. "I'm not sure what it was, and he wasn't being very open about it, but whatever it is, it made Thanatos agree to grant Kai one wish. Kai asked if his father could arrange for him to meet the current Oracle of Delphi."

"The Oracle- of what?" Walt inquired.

"Delphi. It's this spirit that normally possesses a female who spoke riddled prophecies when it was necessary. At the current moment it possesses this girl named Rachel. I think she used to date Percy. Apparently, it didn't go so well."

"What, Percy dating the Oracle? I'm actually not surprised to-"

Nico interrupted him, slightly losing his temper. "No, Walt. The meeting. Kai bought his thug friends. I was told that the girl's name is Lavinia Steele, a daughter of Morpheus who had her powers stolen by her father when she used them to become New York's youngest serial killer or something. He dipped her in this river called Lethe that makes you lose your memory after that. As for that guy, I don't know, but I'm presuming for now that he's just a mortal with the Sight.

"Kai got the prophecy he wanted, sprinkled Rachel with some drops from the Lethe, and went off to visit the fates. The problem is, I wasn't told what happened after that, and I don't think Thanatos knew.

"Listen, Walt. Thanatos said that Kai's out to get me because the prophecy didn't go as he expected and ended with a not-so-riddled line that was more or less That son of your dad's boss is out to get you big time. Apparently he's been having visions of me anyways, so his immediate reaction was Kill the di Angelo, I guess."

"Wait a moment," Walt finally halted him with raised eyebrows. "You met Death? How?"

Nico shrugged. "My dad."

"Resourceful, you are."

"I'm not known for my intricate and lengthy lectures."

Walt forced down a smile. "Can't imagine why."


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