Chapter Sixty One

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Anora remembered when she fell asleep that she only had a blanket, and the blanket didn't have strong arms, nor was it breathing. Opening her eyes as she awoke abruptly from her slumber, Anora shrieked and fell out of the bed, nearly knocking into Iggy.

Someone was in her bed. Cautiously, she neared the bed once more only to have a face pop out before her.

"Morning love!"

Nearly screaming again, Anora's eyes widened as she saw Charlie peer over the side of the bed at her.

"Y-you're home?" she said.

"Obviously. I'm right here aren't I?"

"But I didn't know you were due back."

"Well, the vacation had to come to an end at some point. I came in late last night and you'll be proud to hear that I, Charlie Weasley, apparated all the way home. Like a good boy." he grinned at her.

She smiled before pushing herself up and launching a hug attack at the man.

"I'm so glad you're home." she said holding onto him.

"I can see that, did you miss me that much?"

She pulled back from the hug and nodded her head.

"Good, because I missed you too."

She settled in his lap as they sat on the bed. "So how was it? Aside from what you told me in the letters."

"It was a lot of fun. It was nice to be around everyone again, you know? You should see how big Ron's gotten and Ginny...even Percy."

"Oh's he holding up? The twins still causing chaos for him?"

"He's still the Percy we know, herding everyone about like a bunch of sheep. As for the twins, have you ever known a time where they didn't cause chaos...for anyone."

"Good point." she said. "Oh, I miss those two."

Charlie looked down at her. "Funny, because they said the same thing about you. Is there something I should be concerned about with you three?" he teased nipping her neck.

Anora giggled trying to move away but his hold was strong. "Nothing like that. But they are the closest I've ever had to brothers besides I miss all the trouble they used to cause in Hogwarts along with Peeves."

"Well, we could always cause a little mischief here?"

"Are you insane? We're talking about mischief mixed with dragons...does that sound like a good idea to you, Charles?"

"Sounded better in my head, actually. Speaking of dragons, how was it going back here?"

"Let's see, besides my parents showing up and spending the entire time fussing, it went well."

"I heard from your letter something about them with Roscoe."

"Ugh, that was..something." she began to explain her father's reaction to Roscoe telling Charlie that the man had taken out his wand and nearly started another dragon battle.

"That doesn't sound pleasant. How did Norberta hold up?"

"Weird enough, she spent the entire time with Roscoe and I during our training sessions. I think she was rather lonely without you."

"Awww." Charlie cooed. "Poor poor Norby."

"Yeah, yeah, poor her." Anora mumbled.

Charlie snorted before falling back onto the bed holding onto her tightly. "This was probably one of the things I missed most while I was gone. Just holding you at night. The pillow just wasn't cutting it."

"I know how you feel," Anora stated," Iggy refused to cuddle me so I was forced to sleep with your pillow."

"My goodness, how did we ever manage beforehand?"

"Well, one...our beds were a lot smaller, so we didn't have all this open space and two...."

Charlie waited for her to continue. "Two?"

"I actually don't have a second reason." Anora shrugged. "I'm just going with the theory that our beds were smaller so we never felt the need to have someone lie next to us."

"Alright, I accept your theory, Miss Forney." Charlie said.

The two remained lying in bed for a good remainder of the morning before there was a knock on the door.

"Gee...I'm wondering who could that be..." Anora said. "Maybe if we don't say anything-"

"Anora." Charlie laughed. "We can't just leave the man out there."

"Why? It's warm. He won't freeze."


"I'm not changing my mind on this. I've spent the summer with him, not you."

"I thought you liked him."

"In small doses."

"Well, I'll answer the door then." Charlie said crawling out of the bed much to Anora's disappointment.

Eventually, she followed Charlie out only to see Magnus standing in the doorway with a bright smile.

"Magnus, I'm so surprised to see you here." she said, receiving a look from Charlie.

"I come bearing good news my wonderful handlers."

"What's that?" Anora and Charlie responded together.

"We have eggs!"

"And bacon?" Anora added.

Magnus furrowed his brow as he didn't get the joke. "Eggs...bacon..."

Charlie covered his mouth to hide his ever growing smile.

"Why don't we just get dressed while you figure this one out?" Anora said before leaving to the bedroom with a shake of her head.

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