Chapter 1

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The smell of the fresh air, filled my nostrils. The forest never looked more green then it did today. Birds were chirping. The sun was shining. And, the animals were out to play. I smirked, it was a lovely day to hunt.

I heard leaves crunch to my left. I immediately turned to see a deer. He was walking towards the river that was a few meter away. He hasn't noticed me. But, I noticed him. A deer is exactly what I need. I've had quite a fustrating morning.

'You're going to high school.' I flinched at the memory. High school. I thought bitterly. Why would mom do to me? She knows how much I despise...humans. After what they did to my father- I winced at the thought. I tried to remind mom. Humans are evil. All they cared about were themselves...and money.

Mom said they changed. That what happened to dad was a long time ago. The eighteen hundreds to be exact. Yes, my parents are that old. The crunch of leaves pulled me out of my thoughts. I suddenly remembered the deer. My fangs extended. The deer was drinking from the river.

I walked behind it, silently. Just like mom taught me. Not wanting to wait anymore, I lunged and sunk my teeth into the deers neck. It made a struggle, so I sunk my teeth lower and the deer finally collapsed on the ground. I drained him.

At least I'm nice enough to feed on animals, instead of humans.

When I was finished, I walked back to my house. My house was large, and intimidating. It had an eerie feel to it. The humans called it the haunted house. I snorted at the idioticy. I loved our home. The forest surrounded our backyard. I loved the outdoors, everything about nature fasinated me.

The moment I walked inside, I heard a piano playing. I walked towards the music. Moonlight Sonata vibrated through the house. I followed the music, walking up towards my brothers room. A large piano sat in the middle of my brother's room. A small bed sat in the corner of the room. It was basically there for decoration. Vampires could sleep, but only for a few hours. So, why bother? We only slept if we were exhausted, which is close to impossible.

My brother was playing the piano. His fingers playing the soft melody. I watched his fingers move, in fasination. My brother could make 'twinkle twinkle little star' sound like heaven. He was so talented, when it came to anything music.

It almost pained me, how much my older brother resembled my dad. Strong jaw, pale skin, black hair, piercing green eyes. His black hair was hanging in his eyes, as he continued to play the piano. He was seventeen, while I was sixteen. In human years.

I walked over to a mirror, that was hanging on a wall. My skin wasn't as pale as my families. After all, you become paler with age. The only reason why my brother was pale was because my dad was pale, naturally.

I have my dads black hair, that comes down in soft waves. But, I inherited my moms hazel eyes. My mom was born human. The moment my parents met, they fell in love. It's such a romantic story. I wish that someday, I'll have love just as poweful as theirs.

Suddenly, the music stopped. I turned around to see that my brother looked tense. We just stayed like that for a couple of minutes, until my brother spoke,

"Mom is sending us to school. High school. With humans. How does she expect that to work?" He asked, in that deep voice of his. His voice held confusion and curiousity. I sighed and sat next to him.

"I don't know, Thomas. Maybe it's a test. A test of self-control." I said, frowning slightly. That seemed like a mom thing to do. Mom use to be human. She doesn't want us to harm them. I know it hurts her, that the love of her life died from her previous species.

Thomas shook his head slightly, "Mom said that she wanted us to go through a normal, human experience. We are teenagers. We're basically humans, except that we crave blood. And, our teeth sharpen like mini-knives. Her words, not mine." Thomas said frowning slightly.

I groaned, "Normal human experience? We already dress like those awful creatures-"

"Now now, Elizabeth. What happened to dad affected everyone, but you have to let it go. Humans have changed. I bet if someone walked to one and told them that they were a vampire, they would probably jump for joy. Or, choose not to believe them." I raised an eyebrow and he shrugged,

"I checked out that website. Facebook." He said, with a shrug, "And, I've been studying them. Humans are odd creatures." I shrugged, and laid my head on his shoulders,

"Oh brother, I don't know what to do. How are we suppose to survive highschool?" Suddenly Thomas stood up. He walked over to his closet and I heard things being thrown around. Suddenly, Thomas walked out carrying a huge box. You would think he was carrying a bottle of water, with how easy it looked. Another thing about vampires, we have inhuman strength. And, speed.

"Were going to watch dvds." I nodded, I know what a dvd is. I may hate humans, but I don't hate their inventions. I watch their t.v. and go on the computer. I also read. A lot actually. I shrugged and followed Thomas downstairs.

I hopped on the couch, as Thomas grabbed a tape from the box. He pulled something out, and smirked at me, "I think you'll like this one." I raised an eyebrow as he showed me a dvd. I read the title out-loud,

"Twilight. What is it about?" I asked and Thomas shrugged,

"Let's just say, its kind of accurate. Except the sparkling in the sun part." Sparkling in the sun? What is this vampire talking about? He put it in the player, and sat down next to me. I leaned into him, as the movie started.

Thirty minutes into it, and I felt myself intrigued. A human and a vampire? In love? It's like my parents. I frowned at how pale the guy looked. How could he look so young, yet be so pale? And, really? Sparkling in the sun? What are we? Fairies?

When the movie ended, I quickly put in the second movie. The way the humans think of us is, fasinating. Sparkling fairy? The sun thing is a myth. We can be in the sun, it just affects us a little. The longer we stay in the sun, the more affected we get. It makes us hazy...dizzy. Inhanced. It's a high feeling.

Soon we watched the whole series. Mom came downstairs two movies ago, and joined us. She seemed sad by it. Maybe it reminded her, of dad. When it was over, we sat in silence. Thinking. I sighed, maybe humans aren't so bad-

They killed your father. A voice sneered in my head, I immediately pushed those thoughts away. Human's aren't so bad? What in the world is wrong with me? Mom cleared her throat, and we looked over at her,

"So, now that you've seen that. Do you still believe humans are bad?" Thomas offered mom and smiled and shook his head no. Thomas was far too gone to hate humans. When he believes in something, he sticks to it. But, I knew he probably wouldn't fit in with the humans. Thomas is quiet, to anyone who isn't mom or me.

"Elizabeth?" Mom turned to me expectantly. Humans are horrible, cruel creatures. No matter what they see us as. They killed dad. I will never forgive them. That's what I wanted to say. But, I saw the look on moms face. She wanted me to love the idea of school. And, humans. I gave her a smile,

"I still hate them. But, I'm warming up to the idea that maybe they changed." I had a slight sarcastic tone in my voice. But, either mom didn't notice, or she ignored it.

"That's great sweetie. Because, school starts tomorrow. Eight am, sharp. By the end of the week, you'll love humans." Mom hugged me and I hugged her back. When she went upstairs, and out of sight, I rolled my eyes. I scoffed,

Love humans? Yeah right.

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