Prologue-Our Turn

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Our Turn

"Mr. Savage?" I look up from my paperwork to see Camille smiling in the doorway. "You told me to remind you about your lunch date with Hebel."

My eyes drift over to the clock on the wall of my office. I see it's already nearing twelve-thirty. Thanking my assistant, I rise to my feet as she walks back towards her office. Being pulled away from my work isn't something that seems right to me, especially for a simple lunch date with Hebel. But he insisted and wouldn't quit yapping until I agreed. At least I don't have to go far to meet him since he agreed to travel to me. Shrugging on my suit jacket, I take the elevator down to the ground floor before strolling through the lobby and out the exit.

"SAM!" Hebel shouts as he jogs over to me with that damn lopsided grin of his. When he reaches me, his hand finds its way onto my back, quickly. I would have been sent to my knees if I was a human with the force he put behind his 'pat'. "I haven't seen your ugly mug in a month! Where the hell have you been hiding?"

"Some of us actually work, Hebel." I roll my eyes as we begin walking towards the restaurant down the street.

He scoffs, "I do run my own law firm, Savage. You do remember that, right? Just because you're a multimillion-dollar mongrel doesn't mean I'm not working."

"Yeah, whatever you say, Warfield," I mutter and run my hand through my hair.

He starts talking nonsense like usual the rest of the way and until we're sitting down. I order a glass of gin and rare steak, ignoring the look the waitress gives me. Yeah, it's a little early for a drink, but it's not like it'll do anything to me. I lean back in my seat and gaze over at Hebel who is ordering his food and drink. He made it seem urgent, but now it looks like he's in no rush to tell me anything. Once the waitress walks away with our orders, he looks over at me with a mischievous grin. I raise a brow, waiting for him to say something but he just keeps on grinning.

"So, how you been?" He asks curiously making my brows furrow.

"I've been fine, why do you ask?" Our drinks get placed at the table and I immediately take a sip.

"You haven't been around. Monroe's been asking about you," he says softly.

My eyes shoot to the table. Just the sound of his name makes my chest tighten and my stomach twist. How can it still be this goddamn painful after nearly ten years? I would have thought I'd be over it seeing as he isn't my mate, just my cousin. But the thought of him still makes my heart race and my mouth water. He's only gotten more beautiful over the years. Being an Alpha, a mate, and a father looks well on Monroe. I've known for so long, even before he met his mate that babying him was only destructive, but I couldn't help it. The thought of him hurt, even a tiny bit, sent me on a rage. I wanted to protect him from the world, and as an end result, I only ended up hurting him even more.

Kane is good for him, so much better than I would have ever been. And I'm happy about that because Monroe is such an amazing person now, confident, strong, independent. If he were with me, I would have locked him away in a room with soft walls and a plush floor. A humorless chuckle escapes me. I would have been the worst mate for Monroe. I know that now, hell, everyone knows that. I just wish I wasn't nearly thirty and mateless. It hurts like hell, being alone all the time. I lift my gaze to Hebel. He's mateless as well, but he's fine with that because he's too busy working and living life to care. Hebel's a strong believer in fate so he knows when the time is right, he will meet his mate.

"How is he doing?" I ask when he clears his throat. "Monroe? And the kids?"

"They're all doing fine. Lachlan is being the little troublemaker he usually is, running Kane in circles. Kinsley took her first steps the other day! Well, she took about two before landing on her face," he chuckles as I smile at the thought of the little girl.

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