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Vampire's Fury-Chapter One

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Chapter One

Fangs lengthening, Joely quickly turned away from the bloody corpse. She had little time to compose herself before the overeager journalist from the Mountain Sentinel approached her for a quote.

“Detective Grayson, do you believe this is the work of a serial killer?”

 A particularly large vein in his neck mesmerized her, but somehow Joely managed to respond. “I have no comment at this time.”

Not one to be deterred, the reporter persisted, getting even closer to her with his recorder. “Come on, Detective. Not even one sound bite?”

If he didn’t move away very quickly, he was going to get a bite he didn’t anticipate. Cursing her flagging self-control, Joely walked away as fast as she could without arousing suspicions. Once she rounded the corner of the alley and could feel the cool brick beneath her hands, she focused on the stench of garbage until her fangs retracted.

Damn. Her job was getting harder and harder, and her determination to remain a part of the human world was becoming more dangerous to those around her.

When she’d been turned twenty years ago, she’d promised herself she wouldn’t walk away from her career. Sure she’d had to make some adjustments, move around a bit, and even use some hypnotic suggestion a few times, but, for the most part, it had worked. But that was before her hunger had taken an ugly turn.

Swiping a hand across the back of her neck, Joely pressed her forehead to the wall. Whatever was happening to her scared her more than waking up to realize she’d been changed into a bloodthirsty creature.

Instead of focusing on her job, all she could think about was blood. Warm. Wet. Cascading over her tongue. Definitely not the cold bags she got from the blood bank. Those only seemed to make matters worse.

Twisting her hands together, Joely cursed and counted to ten. Twenty. Thirty. Nothing helped. Footsteps behind her had her turning around. Great. The reporter had tracked her down, and one whiff of his blood had her fangs extending again.

“Detective, the coroner is saying this looks like it’s the work of a particularly large animal. Do you think we have a rabid wolf on the loose or a clever killer?”

“I think you need to get out of here.” Her voice hoarse, she tried to turn away from the man, but his persistence had him grabbing hold of her arm. The touch of his hot skin on her arm sent the blood roaring in her ears.

She stayed away from humans as much as she could, preferring to work the graveyard shift to keep contact to a minimum. Mostly, it worked, but this guy, he was the first human to have touched her in a very long time. And now she remembered why.

A growl climbed up her throat, and the reporter yanked his hand away, clutching it to his chest like she’d threatened to cut it off. “Excuse me,” she muttered, walking as fast as she could to the opposite corner of the building. Once she’d made it out of sight, she leaped from the ground to the roof, the rush of wind cooling her face and helping to ease the hunger somewhat.

What in the hell was going on? In twenty years, she hadn’t had this much trouble controlling herself. So why now? Was this something to be expected? She had no answers because the other vampires in town weren't exactly the friendly kind. They didn't even try to remain a part of the human world.  

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