4♔Body Shaming

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Sorry if this is boring, it is a serious topic so yes.


I believe that EVERYONE should love their body.

Thin, thick, curvy, or flat.

I myself am working on this and trying to love my body more, as it's something I tend to struggle with sometimes.

Take a moment to consider that another person's physical health has absolutely no impact on you, and thus is none of your business.

If your a male, society expects u to have at least a six pack and a muscular body. If your a girl, your expected to have clear skin, slim body and basically be perfect.

Well there's no such thing as perfect.

Everyone has flaws, that's just what makes us humans.

Men who are intolerant of body hair on women: have you ever considered not giving your opinion? because it's really just irrelevant & unimportant.

Society needs to change their views so people can live their lives. Cuz the expectations society has for people to be 'beautiful' is exaggerated and unrealistic.

People who shut down girls who show cleavage and wear less clothing than usual need to shut the fuck up!

It's their hot body, they can do what they want!

Boys, If you don't like girls with stretch marks, think about how many stretch marks your mum had when she carried u in her womb for 9 months, for u to turn out to be a big prick.

Nobody deserves to be belittled.

You don't have to put down others to entertain people.

I am naturally skinny. I don't starve myself. I eat whatever I like and I am beautiful.

Why are some girls allowed love their 'curves' but it's wrong for me to love my 'bones'?

Why is it acceptable to call a person anorexic but offensive when you call a person fat?

If you can feel beautiful for being big, you can feel beautiful for being small.

skinny shaming is just as bad as fat shaming.

Encourage self love!

If you think for one fucking second that you are more superior than everyone, that u sit there and judge someone because of their weight or any other physical attribute, as if you have some special authority to do so...

You fucking don't.

You're actually below everyone else because you are ignorant.

I really hate this society TBH. I just wish everyone could realise how beautiful they are without people telling them they aren't.

Spread the love and stop perpetuating all of these impossible fucking standards!

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