What Happens In A Tent...- ZARRY. THREESOME. #DirtyImagine

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The smell of burnt fire filled the air as the cool summer night rose goosebumps on my skin. I hugged my arms around my body, rubbing them to try and keep warm as the crackling fire wasn’t enough.

“Here.” Zayn scooted closer to me, offering half of his blanket. I accepted, snuggling against him as he wrapped it around the both of us. The heat of his body radiated to mine, and I began to blush as he placed his arm around my waist.

I watched the other boys sitting around the campfire, all deep in conversation. Louis and Liam were fighting over something stupid, while Niall, Sandy and Josh were lighting their marshmallows on fire and pretending to fight with them. I looked towards the tent where Harry was, wondering what he was up to. I was supposed to sleep in there with him and Zayn tonight, and I wasn’t really sure how I felt about that.

As an intern for modest, I get to travel around with the boys while they’re on tour. And as you can imagine, its hard not to develop some sort of feelings for them. I hit it off with Zayn from day one, but things never went anywhere. I always wanted them to, but he never acted on it and I was afraid to do anything first. All we ever have is innocent flirting, and A LOT of sexual tension that goes absolutely nowhere.

And then theres Harry. Our relationship consists of simply being friends with benefits. He knows how I feel about Zayn, and I know he doesn’t want a relationship. And so a drunken night a few months ago turned into harmless sex that never really ended. He’s great in bed, and also great at relieving the sexual tension that Zayn always leaves me with.

I sat on the log next to Zayn, waiting for him to make some kind of move. Anything would have been fine, but yet his hand remained idle at my waist, as always. I sighed heavily, exhausted from the trip here and now exhausted from the non-existent relationship Zayn and I shared.

Everyone began to get up from around the campfire, including Zayn. Once Niall mentioned he was going to sleep, everyone seemed to realize how tired they were, too. I followed Zayn to the tent, and we both stepped in to find Harry curled up on one end, flicking through his phone.

“Really, mate?” Zayn shook his head at the boy before zipping up the tent and removing his shirt, then slipping into his sleeping bag. I gulped hard at the sight of his  strong body. I wanted nothing more then to run my hands over it.

“What?” Harry shook his head, looking towards Zayn.

“It wouldn’t kill you to let go of your phone and socialize a bit, you know.” Zayn mumbled before turning his back towards us and facing the side of the tent.

Harry simply snorted in response, looking towards me as if Zayn was delusional. I bent down and crawled into my own sleeping bag, nestled between both boys.

The tent was warm and the smell of campfire lingered in the air, along with the silence that was filled by the sound of crickets and the soft hum of the wind. Just as I closed my eyes, I could feel Harry creeping his way towards me. My eyes shot open, and I was face to face with a mop of brown curls.

“Make a move on him.” The boy whispered. I smacked his arm, signaling for him to shut his mouth incase Zayn could hear. He shook his head, not willing to listen.

“Nows your chance, you’re in a tent with him! What are you waiting for?”

“It’s not that easy Harry.” I sighed, annoyed that he wouldn’t mind his own business.

“Why not?”

“Because… You’re here. And… And Zayn clearly doesn’t want anything to do with me. I’ve given him plenty of chances.” I paused, pushing my hair away from my face. “It’s just not that easy.”

“Sure it is. Watch.” Before I could protest, Harry was sitting up in the tent, his sleeping bag wrapped around his lower half as he reached past me to Zayn, shaking the boy. “Wake up, Zayn!”

I gave Harry the death stare before trying to pull his hand away from the sleeping boy, but I was too late.

“What’s wrong?” Zayn groaned, sitting up and stretching his arms behind his back before wiping his eyes.

“(Y/N) has a problem.” Harry stated, looking over at me as if I were supposed to know what to say.

“No i don’t.” I spoke quickly, my cheeks burning red as Zayn stared me down, a confused look on his face.

“What’s going on?” Zayn shook his head.

“She’s a little embarrassed, which is why she’s acting so weird.” Harry paused, turning to look at me before averting his eyes back to Zayn. I froze, not sure of where he was going with this. “She doesn’t know how to get herself off.”

“What? No!” I turned to look at Harry, my hands balling into fists at how he was handling the situation. But he simply rested his hand on my shoulder, giving me a look of silence that only the two of us could understand.

“Don’t be embarrassed. I’m sure Zayn would love to help.” Harry looked towards the bradford bad boy  before grabbing his phone and walking out of the tent. “I have to make a call, i’ll be back.”

We both watched in silence as he left, and before I knew it we were alone. “I don’t need help.” My voice cracked as I spoke, and I tried my best not to look Zayn in the eye.

My phone beeped, and I quickly searched through the sleeping bag to find it.

Harry Styles:
“Go along with it or i’ll send him all the texts you sent me about your feelings for him.”

I clenched my jaw, annoyed as I read over Harry’s text. I didn’t know what to do next, and thankfully Zayn interrupted my thoughts.

“I don’t mind helping.. You know.. If you need it.” He sat up straighter, coughing lightly as if the silence was too loud. I decided to just go with it, figuring that Harry knew what he was doing.

“Okay.” I spoke quietly, almost inaudible.

“You should probably start by taking your clothes off.” Zayn suggested, shifting in his sleeping bag.

I nodded my head, slowly removing my shirt and pijama bottoms, and then finally my bra and underwear. I placed my hands awkwardly to my side, watching Zayn carefully.

His eyes gazed up and down my body as he took a noticeably large gulp before finally clearing his throat. “Uhm.” He paused, looking around the small tent. “I guess it’s best if you lean against me.” He motioned me forward, and I positioned myself so that my back curved into his chest and my feet were in-between his.

I shuddered as he rested his chin on my shoulder, his light stubble grazing my cheek. When he spoke, warm air brushed my ear and chills ran down my spine. “Do you want me to guide you?” He asked.

“Sure” I whispered, suddenly self-conscious over the realization that Zayn of all people was not only staring at my naked body, but about to touch it, too. Ironically, the situation caused me to forget how to do anything, making it a lot easier to pretend i’d never touched myself before.

He picked up my hand and held it in his, bringing it up to my breast. He let go and reached for the other one, making me gasp as he rubbed the red nub between his fingers. “Copy what i’m doing.” He paused, waiting to make sure I was doing it right. I leaned my head back against him, loving the feel of his cold hand pinching my nipple. “It’ll help you get turned on when, you’re, you know, doing this alone.”

I imitated his movements, flicking the sensitive nub in the same way he was. When he was satisfied with how I was doing it, he brought his hand back over mine and removed it from my breast.

He slowly dragged it down over my stomach before placing it directly against my center. I shut my eyes and moaned quietly at the contact of my hand, pretending that it wasn’t there and that it was Zayns instead. He slowly moved my hand up and down so that I was cupping my heat and causing a friction that was quickly making me wet.

He held his hand firmly over mine as he positioned it so that he was keeping my index finger steady before bringing it up to my clit. “If you rub figure eights, it supposedly feels good. It’ll get you really wet in no time.”

I could feel his heavy breathing against my ear, and suddenly noticed something pressing against my lower back. Within seconds I realized that he was getting turned on, too.

“How does it feel?” He asked, still moving my hand in achingly slow figure eights.

“Really good.” I breathed out. I was about to close my eyes when the tent unzipped and Harry ducked back in.

“Shit. That’s hot.” The boy smirked as he looked down at us. He sat directly in front of me, though made no sudden movements other than scanning my whole body from head to toe with his eyes. Obviously he’d seen me naked before, but not while I was with another guy, completely open and exposed like this.

He quickly removed his boxers, his erection springing up against his lower stomach. “Don’t mind me.” He noticed our hesitation, though as always, he didn’t care. “And please, don’t stop.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at how forward he was, but the laughter quickly switched to a throaty moan as I realized Zayn was no longer helping me rub my clit, but was slowly inserting a finger inside me.

“Shit.” I mumbled as he curved it up, hitting my g-spot perfectly.

He turned his head and began placing small kisses to my neck, sucking on the fragile skin as he moved his finger inside me. I watched Harry move his hand swiftly over his length, and I couldn’t help but get even more turned on over him using us to get himself off. Low moans escaped the lips of both boys, and I couldn’t help but feel myself getting closer.

Suddenly Harry stopped jacking himself off and lept forward, pushing my knees up and spreading my legs further apart. He removed Zayns hand and placed it against my clit before ducking his head down and taking one long lick up my slit.

I groaned in response, not expecting to feel this much pleasure so quickly. His curls tickled the insides of thighs as he pushed his tongue past my entrance, allowing it to run along my walls as best as he could. Zayn simultaneously began rubbing my clit harder and faster, not following his figure eight pattern anymore.

“I’m close!” I managed to breathe out, despite the lack of oxygen entering my lungs.

“Hold it!”Zayn urged, removing his hand from my clit and attaching his fingers to Harrys hair, pulling him up slightly so that he could attach his lips to where Zayn was moments ago.

I shrieked as Harry began sucking my clit, feeling the orgasm ripple through me instantaneously. “Oh my god!” I moaned, my orgasm was even stronger at the sight of Zayn firmly holding Harrys head against me, his fingers locked between the other boys curls.

I struggled to catch my breath as my body began to calm down from the pleasure, and before i knew it Zayn had removed his clothes as well and was sitting next to Harry, 

Zayn grabbed my hips before looking down at me, seeking my permission. I nodded my head, though nothing could have prepared me for Zayns size as he began sliding his dick past my entrance. “Fuck.” I breathed out, my walls clenching around him as I was still achingly sensitive from my orgasm moments ago.

“You feel so good.” He groaned as he thrust in and out, trying to go as deep as he could. He leaned his body over mine, though making sure to leave enough room for Harry to watch from the side.

I looked to my left and watched as Harry continued to pump himself fast and hard, and I couldn’t help but blush when he caught me staring and winked in response.

“Does she feel tight?” He asked, almost completely out of breath.

“Fuck yeah.” Zayn groaned. “I never fucking want this to end.” His breathing began to falter like Harry’s, and I knew he wouldn’t last much longer.

I reached between our glistening bodies and wrapped my hand around his balls, lightly sqeezing and massaging them.

“Shit!” He yelled, losing control at my touch and emptying his load inside me. At the same time my head was yanked to the side, followed by Harry sticking his dick inside my mouth and gripping my hair as he came around my wet tongue. “Fuck.” He breathed out as I swallowed it all.

Both boys sunk down next to me, all three of us completely exhausted. I couldn’t even wrap my head around what had just happened before Harry broke the silence.

“Oh yeah, you should both probably know that you’ve had mutual feelings for each other for the last year. Did I forget to mention that?”



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