Chapter Seven: Learn to Love (Violet P.O.V)

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I woke up in the woods again, yawning and standing up. Chade was nearby, looking at a piece of paper. I checked my pockets to make sure it wasn't mine and walked over, trying to sneek a peek at it. He folded it up and put it back in his pocket, standing up. I pouted and crossed my arms. Then I had an idea.

"Slendy, can we shadow travel again?" I asked, reaching my arms up.

He picked me up and before he could do anything I reached into his pocket and grabbed the paper. I jumped down and started to unfold it, and he tried to grab it. I ran and looked at the picture. I stopped in my tracks when I saw it. It was me and him holding hands, looking at each other. I knew he was behind me, so I turned and faced him.

"Chade, what is this?" I asked, but when I looked up he had gone.

"Chade? Slendy? Slenderman?" I said, calling him by every name I could think of.

I looked at the drawing and folded it back up, sticking it in my jacket pocket with my own drawing. I started to jog, looking for him. I called his name, looking in every shadow and behind every tree. I sped up to a run when I felt him getting closer. It's hard to explain, but I can tell when he's near because my mind brushes against his when we talk, so now I know what his mind feels like. It's like a dog picking up a scent. I found him sitting in the cement tunnel. I ran up and sat down next to him.

"Chade, it's okay. I, well, I feel the same," I said, blushing.

Wait, what was I doing? He's immortal, and I'm just a girl, yet here I am, falling for him.

"I know," he said, holding up a piece of paper.

My drawing! It was a picture of him holding me, his tentacles of shadow forming a heart. I stuck my hand in my pocket, finding it empty. "I found it in the woods," he said, handing it to me. I nodded and grabbed it, sticking it back in my pocket.

"So, um, what does this make us?" I asked shyly.

"I don't know, I've never loved anyone before, let alone have someone feel the same," he said nervously.

I gave him a hug and sat back on my heels.

"It's okay, you can learn to love. I've never been in love either, so it'll be fine," I assured him.

He nodded and stood up. I got up and stretched out my hand. He hesitated and grasped my hand, and we walked together to the hollow oak. It was sweet, especially coming from him. It was nice to think that I was the first person to be this close to him. We stopped in front of the trunk and let go. I fixed my bow and looked down at my feet.

"So, I gues I'll see you later," I said.

He surprised me by giving me a hug good-bye. I squeezed him back and walked off. I began to think about the pages. I need to see those pages. They can't be all bad, right?

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