Chapter 18 - The Elders'

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Chapter 18

The Elder's

Platinum in the Angelic World? 

I'm not surprised at all. 

But what I was surprised at was the fact I had platinum bands wrapped around my biceps, wrists and ankles. Although I was pacing, it still burnt and hurt like someone was holding an open flame to my skin. 

Cameron lay unconscious on the floor in this large rock like cell. And I could hear Jackson ranting to Kimberly a few walls away. When I'd woken up a while ago I'd been so angry. So close...

Whoever put us in here threw the book Cam told me to read as well.

The bands tightened every once in a while and I'd notice Cameron twitch as they did so. He had the exact same ones.

"Wake up. Wake up," I chanted every few minutes. And soon enough time was beginning to fade so I helped him onto the bench and slapped him clear across the face. "Wake up!"

Cameron cursed and the bands tightened again. I gritted my teeth at the pain and he grunted. "What!?"

"You're asking me 'what?' are you joking? Look where we are Cameron. A friggin' jail cell. They caught us hours ago. I feel nothing, no energy, I hear no thoughts I'm practically human. I try to make a flame," I held my palm out and channelled the fire into my palm but instead the band on my wrist tightened. "And this happens. They've cut me off completely."

"Only The Elder's can do that. They must have been told." He groaned touching his head. "Did I pass out?"

"I think so. One second you were talking and the next you just froze and collapsed." I paced in front of him. 

"Ah they did that to me? Basta-" He grunted as his bands visibly tightened. "Can't swear. Right."

I huffed and felt my way along the wall until I stopped at the gates. I touched my finger to the pole but I reared back. "Is this whole cell made of platinum?" I growled. 

I could feel Cameron watching me as I paced up and down the room. 

"You should really calm down."

"I'll calm down once we're out of here."


"What?" I spun around. "You want me to be calm? I'm calm. I'm cool." I threw my arms up in the air and collapsed in the seat beside him. "You know all of this was really too good to be true right?"

He was silent beside me obviously contemplating. "Well we got here didn't we?"

"But have we got Gabriel? No."

"It isn't over yet is it, Alexis."

"It may as well be." I grumbled leaning my head back. "It was only a matter of time before The Elder's knew I was here. It would probably have taken less time than it did for them to find me if I didn't dye my hair and hide my energy." I rolled my head to the side to look at him. "Maybe I should have just waited for Gabriel to have his Tribunal. What's one hundred years to someone that is immortal?" I closed my eyes.

"Do you really feel this way?"

"Well, no. But this is how it's going to end isn't it? They'll send me on my merry way back down to earth. Hell, they'll prob-" I paused when the bands tightened and I heard Cameron grunt. "They'll probably keep me here for goodness knows how long."

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