Sabrina's P.O.V

I was getting ready for another day of school:( today would be pretty interesting though. I'm getting a new English teacher!!! My old one was an old bitty:-(!!!

I walked into the kitchen, grabbed an apple and was on my way:( I don't have a car so I was stuck walking:( boo! As I was walking I heard a car honk, as I walked I heard the driver say "hey are you headed to school?" his light brown mixed with hazel eyes were intriguing. "u-um y-ya are you?" "ya need a ride?" "um ya that'd be great:)" "hop in." I did as told then he started exposing that he was a new teacher. "hey what subject are you gonna teach?" "English why?" "Your my new teacher!" "Cool, at least I'll have one beautiful student;)...Did he really just say that?

Justin's P.O.V

Did I really just say that? She's a student! But a beautiful one...oh my I need to stop thinking this. But I can't. With her captivating eyes and beautiful silky brown hair she's just an...angel...completely:-) "So um what's your name?" "Sabrina,

and you are?" "Mr. Bieber, but you can call me Justin outside of school:)" "Thanks" she said biting her lip causing me to completely lose it. I stopped the car in the parking lot and leaned over and planted my lips directly on hers. When I pulled back she looked utterly shocked. Oh no what have I done I thought?

Sabrina's P.O.V

What did he do? That was random:) "u-um Mr.--- Justin, what was that?"

" I have no idea I'm so sorry I didn't mean too at-- it's fine Justin. I-we better get to class I guess?" ya he replied with a soft chuckle.

Authors note: hey this is my first one so please no hate? I take it personal. I also wanted to thank you guys for reading this story:) and don't forget to vote and comment. I will always except requests and ideas:)

Justin's P.O.V

What? I'm so confused I thought to myself. I'm the one who preformed the action too! Now that is truly sad:-'( she's so beautiful and she's a senior do she's almost 18:) this might could work...if we don't get caught:) I'm a Bieber I'm sneaky:) as we both walked side by side into the school I asked her where the classroom is, she held out her hand and walked me to it. I swear I felt fireworks and bombs:) we stepped into the empty class room and I shut the door, locked and ran over to her. "Sabrina listen to me, I really like you and I know they your a student and I'm a teacher but do you feel the same way?"

"yes Justin I do but like you said your a teacher and I'm a student. Sabrina started to cry so I quickly wrapped my arms around her and buried my face into her neck. I slowly kissed my way up her smooth skin as I was now tracing her jaw line with my lips. I felt her shudder and knew that I had accomplished what I was aiming for:) I looked into her light brown orbs and got lost I slowly was leaning in I was a centimeter

from her lips when BANG!!! The bell rang. Wow way to ruin a moment.

Sabrina's P.O.V

Dang it!!! I really wanted him to kiss me! Wait...what am I saying? We can't continue on like this. "Sabrina be ready by 12 o clock tonight I'll come pick you up." "mr. Bieber we can't do th--- he just kissed me our lips are moving in sync and I feel like nuclear bombs are going off its even better than the first time he kissed me:)

~~~(skipping school)~~~

Sabrina's pov:

Hey so I'm home now Justin gave me a ride:) oh no my aunts car is in the drive way. She's my foster aunt I was put up to adoption when I was born my parents couldn't take care of me cause I was going to be "too expensive" whatever they mean by that. I tried sneaking upstairs to avoid my abusive aunt. I was opening my room door when boom my aunt grabbed my hair from behind and yanked it hard. She threw me down the hallway kicked me in my stomach repeatedly and laughed. When she walked away I ran to my room. I cried until 11:30 that night. Oh no I have a date with Justin.