Chapter 19

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(Nate's P.O.V)

I wake up and see I am in the living room, I check the time 2:01 am. Guess I must have fallen asleep after me and Anna got done playing video games. I feel someone move in my arms so I look and see Anna. Wait why is she here and why am I holding on to her? I don't remember falling asleep with her last night,at the same time I did't want to move because I like having her close to me. Anna is my best friend but I have been feeling different around her lately. I love the way her hair flows, the way her eyes light up when she talks, and her smile oh gosh I love it so much. She means the world to me and I will do anything just to see her smile and laugh. I feel like something is bothering her, something she won't tell me. 

I look at Anna and she opens her eyes and looks at me. "Oh hey Nate." She says yawning. "Hey." I say.  "o-oh umm." she stutters looking at me still holding on her. "Oh yeah sorry." I say letting her go. She gets up and walks to the chair and check her phone. I wish she would have stayed next to me, I liked knowing she was safe next to me. I see Anna set her phone on the table then look at me. I look at her and something seems different, her eyes. They are sad like when Hunter had died but she was smiling. "Hey you okay?" I ask her sitting up. "Yeah why would't I be." She says. I don't like this something is bugging her and I can't help her. "So you ready to back to school tomorrow?" I ask her. "No but I have to go.." She says. That's wired she likes going to school, that's where she sees her friends.  Well anyway we had  to go to bed and get some sleep. "Night Anna." I say walking to my room. "Night Nate." She says then walks into her room. I lay down in my bed and try to fall asleep but can't. Knowing something is up with Anna keeps me up, I have to keep her safe for Hunter. After a few hours I finally fall asleep.


I wake up to the sun in my eyes. Well time for school I guess. I get up and get dressed, I just put on some jeans and a black shirt. I walk in the living room and see Anna looking at her phone, I stand by the corner so she can't see me. She get a text after she reads it she turns her phone off and puts it down, but then she wipes her eyes like she was going to cry. "Hey Anna." I say walking to her. "Oh hey, you ready to go?" She asks picking up her bag. "yeah." I say then grab my bag and walk out side. Anna locks the door and starts walking. "Anna be honest with me is something bothering you?" I ask her. "No why do you ask." She says walking faster. "Just wondering." I say catching up to her. When we get to school Preston walks up and hugs Anna, she hugs back then walks off. "Hey is she okay?" Preston asks me. "I think something is bugging her but she won't tell me." I say. "Oh well she will tell us when she wants to." He says. "Yeah your right." I say. "Just take care of her okay, she is like my sister." He says then walks off. 

The bell rings and I walk to my first class and Anna is already there with her head resting on the desk. "Hey Anna." I say then sit next to her. She looks up at me then back down. For the rest of the day Anna did't talk to me much. It was finally after school and Anna pulled me to the side if the class. "H-hey Nate I will meet you at home okay." She says then walks off. Being the person I am I followed her to make sure she was safe. She was just walking to the front of the school when some girl pushed her down. I know her, she is one of the popular girls, her name is Missy she always was around me when I was popular. Anna got back up and looked at the ground. "Why don't you look where you going." Missy says. "S-sorry." Anna says. I have never seen her like this, I don't know what she is feeling right now. "Better be nerd." Missy says then throws Anna's backpack on to the ground. "Can you just leave me alone." Anna says looking at her. "Ha! What are you going to do call your brother for help. Oh wait he is dead, lucky him he dose't have to be around you anymore." Missy says. Anna did't say anything she just closed her eyes and tears stared coming out of her eyes. "Aw look who is crying because she knows that her her brother never really loved her." She says getting close to her face and grabs her shirt collar. "LEAVE HER ALONE!"I yell walking to her. "Oh hey Nate, why are you sticking up for a nerd like her." Missy says walking to me. "Because she is my best friend and I said leave her alone!" I say. "Fine still don't know why you picked her over still being popular." She says then walks off. I look at Anna and she looks at me. "Anna?" I say looking at her, she runs up to me and hugs me. "It's okay I got you." I whisper hugging her. "Come on let's go home." I say letting go of her a bit. She doesn't say anything and just holds onto me. "Hold on, I let go of her and grab her backpack. I put it on alone with mine and carry her bridal style all the way home. She kept her face hidden on my chest, She's adorable. When we get home she goes to her room and changes, I sit down on the couch and wait for her. She come in and sits next to me and looks down at the ground. "Anna was it her that has been bugging you?" I ask looking at her. She nods the close her eyes, "All she says is Hunter never loved me...And he was happy to die.." She says then starts crying. I go closer to her and wrap my arms around her. "Don't listen to her Hunter dose love you" I say. "Thanks Nate." She says wiping her tears away. I lay down on the couch holding her in my arms so she was next to me. I look at her and she lays her head down and falls sleep. I guess she feels safe with me, "I love you Nate.." She says in her sleep. Wait what! Anna...loves me? I feel my cheeks get hotter and my heart starts betting faster. "I-I love you to." I say then falls asleep. So Anna loves me..... 


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