[Robb Stark Imagine: (My King of the North)]

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You sat on the bed of furs, still clad in your white wedding gown. Waiting for your newlywed husband to be carried through the flaps of your tent. The wind was hitting and you shivered because of the only thing you were wearing was a thin wool dress.

A few more minutes passed and Robb walked through the opening and tied it up. Looking over you with hungry eyes.
You walked up to him and placed your hands on his shoulders, looking into his blue Tully eye. His dark auburn hair shining in the candle light.

"My beautiful wife, I didn't think you could look more like an angel. But I've been proven wrong." He whispered in your ear and trailed his hands down to your lower back. His calloused fingers making you shiver in your gown.

"Oh my handsome king, must you flatter me so?" You say in a deep, lusty voice. Your delicate pale hands working on untying his brown leather doublet. His fur cloak descending to the cold soot beneath you.

"How can I not complement you, your more perfect than anyone could ever be. You're smart, kind, beautiful, interesting, and most of all. You're the queen of the north. You're my queen," You kiss him softly, cutting him off before he could make you even more giddy.

"Robb, you're such a romantic. How am I going to keep up." You giggle as he picks you up in his warm arms and plops you back down on the bed. Kisses go down your neck softly, making you sigh out in pleasure as he takes every second he has to make this little moment last.

He's eyes gaze into your own as you look down at him. You cautiously sit up and undo the front of your dress little by little. His eyes haze over in lust as he drinks in the look of the tops of your breasts. Getting greedy as he moves your hands away and unties the rest himself. The white gown left cold on the wool rug by the bed.

"My King, you seem to be enjoying your time. May I do the honors of taking off your clothing now?" You giggle out. Crawling into his waiting lap as you slip the brown leather off his shoulders. Getting a good look at his toned chest, he had the body of a man and you loved every bit of it.

You wrap your arms around his neck and pull him flush to your own, kissing him deeply. Lightly licking his bottom lip, begging for entrance. While the two of you kissed passionately he ripped off your thin cotton undergarments.

"Y/N, you couldn't be a better person to do this with, I love you more than anything." He whispers as he takes off the rest of his clothing.

"Oh Robb, I love you." You gasp out as his hands slowly touch your white porcelain skin. "Please, make me yours. Take me now." You beg, running your fingers through his curly hair. Burying your face into his neck.

"Oh Y/N, my pleasure." With that he slowly guides himself into your entrance. Making you scream out as he takes your innocence in one quick thrust.

"Robb, it hurts. Make the pain go away." You say as he starts to go a tad bit quicker, making your opening stretch out and accommodate his large size.

The pain starts to ebb away to pleasure and your whimpers alter into deep moans. The slap of sweaty, hot skin fills the tent.

"Mmmm, my queen. You're so perfect." He whispers in your ear and kisses down your neck and breasts. Laying his head on your chest as he pounds in and out of you. Your nails running scratches down his back.

"R-Robb, faster. Show me who the king is. Show me how powerful you are." Your words spark a fire in him and grunts and groans from his get louder as he slams into you. You could feel your peak about to come. Your lower stomach clenching. Your walls growing tight.

"ROBB!!!" You scream out as you cum for him. Sending him over the edge as he pumps his hot seed into you.

Sweat drips down both of your bodies as he slowly pulls out and collapses next to you, trying to catch his breath as you kiss down his neck and chest.

"You, my darling. Are truly a king to me." You whisper right before you blow out all the candles and crawl under the furs with your newlywed king. Your lone wolf.

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