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Harmony's POV:

"Rocky, i need to talk to you..." I said, looking down at the floor and leading him to the basement. 

Feeling guilty as hell, i had to tell him that what had happened was NEVER going to happen again, because i was with Ross. But something about Rocky just made me want to tear his clothes off and well you know.....*Wink wink*. So i didn't exactly what was going to happen; all i knew was that I wanted him, but i wanted Ross more, so i should just stop and pick Ross. 

Rocky pushed me up against a wall and instantly started kissing down my neck. I could feel myself get hot and almost start to sweat. 

"I can't stop thinking about what happened last week..." He whispered into my ear. "And i want you. So much. All i know is that Ross is too innocent to love a girl like you the right way." 

"No Rocky...stop.. Stop! I am with Ross!"

"Yeah she's with me!" With a turn of my head, I was pulled out of the way, so that Rocky could get punched in the face.

Oh shit...

Riker's POV:




Jade and I were just sitting in the  kitchen; a warm sun shining through the curtains. I was distrubed and warned my girlfriend not to come down here before running down the stairs to see what the fighting was about this time. 

"Touch her again and i swear to god. Yeah, she told me about you making out with her. And i don't like my own brother hitting on my girlfriend." Ross held up his fist and slammed it into Rocky's face, makin him fall down. 

Harmony was frantic, screaming at both boy's to stop fighting. I screamed at her to get out of the way, because knowing the two of them, they would accidently hit her. She had this dark look in her eyes, a look that we had only started to see when Rydel had become sicker and she had less people to talk too, less people to understand what was the hell was going on. 

"Harmony grab Ross." I told her. She nodded, grabbing him by the waist and literally begging him to stop. He wouldn't listen though. He just flung her over to the side, her head slamming against a wall. 

"Oh my gosh Harmony..." I ran over, taking a look at her head. No blood, and it didn't seem to have a bump. "Are you okay?" 

"Yeah i'm f-fine." I helped her up and watched her slowly limp to Ross. 

"Stop..." She pleaded. I swear she was about to cry. "You just pushed me and i hit a wall. Did you even notice or were you too busy to take a look behind  you?" She spoke in a soft voice. 

"I know you hit a wall." He said blankly, looking over at Rocky. 

She shook her head, "Look im so sorry for what happened, but that doesn't give you the right to be a DICK!" She slapped him across the face and ran upstairs and out the door. 

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