Request for Sasha

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I ran around the house cleaning up some things. My parents always told me to straighten up if I'm having company. I pulled down my shorts and fixed my tank top. These shorts are to short. Should I change? Nah fuck that. I ran back upstairs and grabbed my phone.

Bih leave me alone.

Niggas won't stay outta my DMs. Like bitch move along. I have a man. Well at least I have a crush. He's gonna be my man pretty soon.

Ring. Ring. Ring.

"Hello?" "What's your favorite scary movie?" "Uhm Insidious 1." "Have you seen the one where the pretty little girl dies?" "No that shit sound stupid as fuck." "Well someone's gonna die tonight." "Yeah this kitten cause Jason coming over." "Bih what the fuck?" I started laughing. "Well Carmen didn't nobody tell you to try to reenact some shit." "Sasha what if I were Jason? How would he react?" "He would probably be at my doorstep right now." "Man that's just stupid as fuck."

Knock. Knock. Knock.

"That's him right there. Gotta go babe." I said hopping off the bed. "Wear a condom." She yelled before I hit end. I laughed and walked downstairs. I pulled down my shorts once more and fixed my tank top again. I opened the door to see a sexy ass Jason. He was wearing black joggers, a white shirt, a gold chain and some socks with slides.

"Hey babe." He said walking in and kissing my head. Damn he smelt good as fuck. "Thanks babe." He said smirking and walking into the living room. "Did I say that out loud?" I said blushing while closing the door. "You kinda did." He said plopping down on the couch. I laughed slightly before walking into the kitchen. "You want some?" I yelled. "Yeah some food da fuck?" He shouted back. "Oh you can get in here and do that your damn self." I said looking in the refrigerator. I bent over looking in the bottom cabinet for some strawberries. "Please baby." Jason said coming up behind me and grabbing my hips. "Jason stop!" I said swatting at him. I came back up to see a smirking Jason. I rolled my eyes. "What you want?" I said. "Bestfriend don't be like that." He started smiling goofy like. I couldn't help but giggle.

"Nah but for real  what you want?" I said smiling. "I want some chicken." He said. "You waaaay to black for me." I said laughing. "I do. I want fried chicken." He smiled. "And you know how to cook it." He said. I sighed and got out all the ingredients. Mama did teach her baby how to cook some good food.

When I got done feeding Jason we watched Netflix. I looked at the tv as Jason rubbed up and down my leg. After a while Jason pulled me on to his lap and wrapped his arms around my waist. I hated when he did this because my feelings for him would just grow more. Instead of moving I just laid my head on his shoulder and snuggled up close to him.

"Should I break up with Sofia?" He asked. I sat up and looked at him. "Why?" I asked. "I just don't feel the same about her anymore. She's annoying." He shrugged. "If you feel that way than yes you should." I said nodding. "I have my eye on someone else." He said smiling widely. "Who is this lucky guy?" I said. His smile faded. "Im sorry babe I was kidding." I said laughing hard. He slapped my ass hard. "Ow." I whined rubbing my butt cheek. "Im sooty babe I was kidding." He said fake pouting. I rolled my eyes and laughed. "Mhm yeah." I said. I laid back on sighing. Im still wondering who that person is.

I hope you like it baby. If you want a part 2 tell. And tell me how you want it to go.

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