Corahn: Nigga let her go.

Jacob: or what?

Shaniya: please jacob, don't cause anymore trouble

Ray: bitch shut up. Who was talking to you?

Corahn: you know what. Let me just leave. My mum is probably looking for me.

Jacob: deuces nigga (chucks up the deuces)

Corahn: (rolls his eyes) whatever.

Corahn starts walking to the door but shaniya pulls him back.

Shaniya: please don't leave me.

Corahn: it will be alright baby girl. Text me if any thing happens and I will come straight over.

Shaniya: (sighs and looks down) okay...

Corahn: don't be sad. They won't even try to touch you. I promise ( kisses shaniya on the nose)

Jacob: ( to ray) are you seeing this my nigga?

Ray: yeah bruh. And I ain't enjoying it either.

Corahn: bye babe.

Shaniya: (giggles) I ain't even your girl yet.

Corahn: Yeah your right. Not YET.

Ray: nah uh nigga. Not ever will she be your girl.

Shaniya: ray stay out of it.

Ray: WHAT BITCH!? I'm your motherfucking boyfriend. Don't tell me to stay outta shit!

Shaniya: okay, geez sorry!

Ray: ( to Jacob ) this bitch was about to make a nigga fuck her up.

Jacob: I know, nigga you should of seen your face.

Corahn: anyway... Bye, I will text you ( hugs shaniya)

Ray: haha, yeah nigga, no you won't be texting her.

Corahn: what you gonna do though?

Ray: you don't wanna know

Corahn: nigga of course I do, that's why I asked. Dumbass

Shaniya: ( changing the subject) bye corahn...

Corahn: see ya later ( walks out the door and shuts it )

Jacob: (waits to corahn is out of sight) well... He is an interesting guy...

Shaniya: Jacob I swear you make your self seem gay as fuck.

Jacob: who you calling gay?

Shaniya: no one...

Ray: just leave her Jacob.

Shaniya: (walks to her room)

Ray: where the fuck u going?

Shaniya: to my motherfucking room! Problem?

Ray: (runs up the stairs and pulls shaniya down all 23 steps) never talk to me like that! Just coz you found that pretty boy corahn don't mean shits gonna change around here.

Shaniya: ( dusts herself off and walks upstairs to get ready for bed)

After shaniya finished her late night hygiene routine, she got a text from. Corahn.


CorrahnIsTheName: How you doing baby girl