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Thompson Square was unusually empty on that morning. The streets and sidewalks that were normally lined with people were almost completely bare. Maybe it was because of the storm from the previous day or the one that was brewing in the sky. Or possibly, how a sudden cold front had taken over the small city.

These thoughts clouded a young man's mind as he made his way down the familiar curving sidewalk. It was around eleven that morning; way to early for someone his age to be out and about. Any twenty-one year old like himself, especially one who was in the legal drinking age now, would be piled up in there bed asleep. But not David Musuras. Fresh out of college with a bachelor's degree in business management, he had settled in the small town. But it wasn't for a job opportunity.

It was for a man by the name of Liam Payne. They hadn't officially met, but the two had been texting and calling eachother nonstop for about two months now. He seemed nice enough, but who knew? David had met the former One Direction singer through his less-than-an-aquaintance, Dani. How she had managed to get hold of him, he would never know and if it weren't for her, he wouldn't even care.

Legally Brewed was the place they were to meet for the first time. It was a small coffee shop on the east side of the square. It was settled between a clothing shop and candy store. He wove his way between the few people he met, only managing to sideswipe a few.

"If only I could get a bit closer..", he grumbled and pushed his newly pickpocketed wallet into his front pocket. It was a craft he had learned from some buddies at school before graduating. That was long after the Musuras' had came in. They were his adoptive parents; his 'mom' had been unable to have children.

He remembered that day like it was yesterday. Little David Holloway, that was his name at the time, had been playing around the dirt with a few small boys when the couple had come outback. The two had approached the little group of boys with huge smiles.

The man was tall and broad shouldered, with bright green eyes and five o'clock shadow. His voice had been deep and gruff, but with a gentleness to it. His wife was slightly shorter. She was slender with long cury red hair and eyes that mirrored her husbands. They had walked hand and hand until they stopped in front of a little boy with wavy brown hair.

He had looked up at them with a gap toothed smile. One arm had reached up with a fist curled, holding something inside. The man bent down with a smile and held out his own. David had opened his hand and let a bright green grasshopper fall into the mans outstretched hand.

They had fallen in love with the boy with the boy missing his front two teeth. The adoption had been quick; lasting only an hour. One second David had been playing in the dirt with his grasshopper, and the next he was watching the orphanage fade away, completely oblivious to his forgotten sister. A small laugh left his lips; he had been so innocent back then!

"Fuck!" As stream of curses flew from his mouth when someone shouldered past him. "Move!" He was already late for gods sake!

The memories faded away when David reached the glass door of the coffee shop. Blue eyes scanned the area; it was a cozy little shop. A few tables were scattered around and a bench was put here and there. The entire back portion of the shop was taken over by a counter and behind it, the sounds of coffee being ground and things being mixed could be heard.

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