He Assigns Me Homework, Gives Me Detention, Then kisses me? WTF! **Teacher**

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I knew it was time to get up before the alarm went off. It was weird, almost like I had an internal clock or something that woke me up. It’s always been like this. If I needed to wake up at a certain time, I did, without the aid of an alarm. Of course I always set the alarm just in case. I couldn’t afford to be late to anything.

I forced my eyes awake and reached for the glass of water I kept by my bed. I find that, when I wake up, my tongue is heavy and makes me feel more sluggish than I actually am, so if I take a sip of water it kind of makes me wake up. I hit the alarm before it could go off and headed to the bathroom. Ahh the advantages of being the oldest meant I got the bathroom first in the morning. And that was only because I was bigger then my littlest siblings and pushed them out of the way.

“Andy, I was here first!” My sister groaned after I slammed the door in her face. She was eleven going on twenty. I still couldn’t believe my mother allowed her to wear makeup. That’s ridiculous! Hence why I slammed the door in her face. She just wanted extra mirror time.

After quickly shaving my legs, washing my hair and brushing my teeth, I finally let my sister in. My room was right across from the bathroom on the second floor of our three-story house. Don’t get any ideas; we aren’t rich, far from it actually. We just have this big old Victorian because my grandmother left it to us after she passed away.

I removed my towel and stood in front of my head to toe mirror. When I was fifteen I had an eating disorder. My weight spiraled up and down until I was sixteen and I finally got the help I needed before it was too late. Now I am a healthy size 7 and loving it. My brown hair reach just below my chest and they matched my brown eyes perfectly. People call me beautiful. With my perfect skin and teeth covered by plump lips, I was any guy’s fantasy girl. But I made a vow to myself when I was in the hospital that I would get my life in order before I got involved in any type of relationship. 

It was a hot day in Louisiana, so I slipped on denim shorts and a yellow ribbed knit ¾ quarter sleeve top with a white cami underneath. I sprayed some mousse into my hands and spread it through my hair. It would dry on the way to school.

My mother had set out some cereal for us to eat before she went to work. She was a nurse down at the county hospital and usually was out before we were awake. Some days she didn’t get home until sunset. I poured myself a bowl of Special K and ate while waiting for Caroline to get out of the bathroom. By the time her majesty graced my presence, it was already twenty minutes to the bell.

“Nice Caroline.” I said throwing the bowl into the sink.

“Perfection takes time Andy.” She said, eating a breakfast bar.

“Your lip gloss is smeared.” I knew she would freak, but I started to laugh anyway. She threw away the wrapper to her bar and slammed the door. We didn’t live far from school, so we usually walked instead of taking the bus. My mother had the only car. I could have left before her and gotten to school on time, but these woods freaked me out. We moved here four years ago when my grandmother passed away, and the house was down a dirt path in the woods. I refuse to take the trash out at night because the eerily silent trees freak me out.

I locked our door, and followed Caroline down the path. Once you get out of the woods there’s a main road with actual concrete that leads to downtown. Safe to say it really is a town, literally, there is nothing here. No movie theater, no mall, and no fun. Downtown was littered with boutiques and cafes, all attempts to drag in some tourists, which usually works. See our little town is about a mile away from a really famous animal sanctuary.  Our town is usually littered with some animal loving tree huggers.

After crossing the street I was in front of the school. Caroline’s middle school, 6th-8th grade, was next door and next to that was the elementary school. Funny huh? The kids in this town basically go to the same school all their lives considering all the schools are sort of connected.

“Andy!!” I heard a squeal behind me. I turned to greet my best friend Neruda. Yes, you heard it, Neruda. After Pablo Neruda the famous Poet. I tend to call her Ner Ner. Her mother and my mother were best friends since they were kids. My mom was raised here, in this town, with Neruda’s mother. Then when my mom got married and moved to Texas with my father, they kept in touch. I usually introduced her as my cousin. When I moved here four years ago she was the first to know.

“Hey!” I gave her a quick hug and entered the school.

“So did you do English last night?” Typical. She usually forgets to do her homework and thus, copies from me.

“It’s in my locker, I did it during study.” I saw her eyes roll and I bit my lip. Sometimes she could be a real bitch, but I love her anyways.

“Well, you probably don’t even need it.” She said, snapping her gum.

“What do you mean? Hollster always collects the homework. Why is he absent?” I closed my locker and stuffed a few stray papers into my binder.

“No, he’s dead.”

I turned fully around in the middle of the hallway to stare at her.


“Yeah he had a heart attack yesterday. He was walking the dog and didn’t come back for a long time and so his wife called the cops. They found his body somewhere in the woods.”

“That’s terrible.” I picked up the papers I dropped and shook my head. Mr. Hollster was always my favorite teacher, since English was my favorite subject.

“Yeah it is. Got to go to Home Room. I’ll see you in Math!” Neruda pushed passed a few people and yelled at them to move it. She was a sweetheart deep inside. She just had this tough exterior. No one messed with her. Guys who even thought about touching her ass found themselves pushed down a flight of stairs. Don’t ask me how she knows what they are thinking; she must have psycho psychic powers.

I pulled some hair behind my ear and entered homeroom, which was also, English during 3rd period. I didn’t see any point in the mess they call a schedule. First I had this, then I had Science all the way on the 4th floor which was practically abandoned except for that one class during that one period, then there was English, all the way down here on the first floor. Then Math all the way on the 3rd floor. Then Lunch, then I had History on the 3rd floor again, then I had P.E. which I usually skipped for cheerleading practice, then I had study, which, was in homeroom. You can see why I am a little upset about my teacher, considering I spend 3 periods a day with him. Usually I do my extra curricula’s during study; Like newspaper articles and posters for the pep squad.  And this is why I can never wake up late, too much to do, in such little time. If I could eliminate sleep I would.

“Hey Andy, do you have the article I gave you to proof?” Elizabeth asked. She was the editor in chief, my ass, of the newspaper. She basically asked other people to do her work for her. I may have said I am on newspaper, but I mostly do the small stories like “Cafeteria food: What is in it?” or “Should the Girls Bathroom have a couch?” I was also on cheerleading, but I wasn’t captain, and I was also on pep squad, which was the cheerleading squad, and I just did the posters. No one cares what you did in the group; your resume just says you were in it. That’s all I need for college.

“Yes Liza, I did.” I pulled out a manila folder with a short stack of papers in them and tossed it onto her desk. I took my seat in last row on the left, in the front. It was right next to the window, so I could feel the breeze come in.

“I wonder who the replacement is going to be?”

“I hope it’s a hot chick!”

I heard the boys in the back, mostly stoners, talking about the possibility of a hot girl asking them to stay after class. How stupid can you be? Fantasizing about a teacher.

I didn’t see him at first, but I heard him. I don’t know how he did it, but walking never sounded sexier. I heard the gasp of Shirley Derek next to me, along with all the other girls in class. Then I heard him clear his throat and stop in front of his desk, which was right in front of mine.

I bit my lip and looked up to meet a pair of blue eyes meeting my own. Wow, so that’s what they mean by butterflies.

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