Happy New Year Johnny!!

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Liverpool, December 31th 1962

George and Ringo were lying on the couch all cuddled up together. George had his arm around Ringo who was resting his head on George's shoulder.

Tonight was new year's eve and they were looking forward to another year with each other. Last year had been another great year and they had managed to hide their love perfectly from the press.

Just like Paul and John were a happy couple in secret.

Besides themselves, Brian was the only one who knew about the two couples and he was very happy for them and doing all he could do to keep their secret away from the big bad world.

They were living together in an apartment in Liverpool with the four of them for two years now and everything was just perfect.

At least...it had been until this last week. John had been moody and grumpy and tonight was even worse.

The reason John had been like this, was because he was missing his Paul like crazy.

Paul's father had insisted that Paul would join him and his brother Mike to visit their family this holiday.

Paul had protested of course, but out of respect for his old man he had agreed to go with them.

Times had been hard for George and Ringo since Paul's leave and nothing they had tried to cheer John up had worked.

John even had set the mistletoe on fire the second day of Christmas before running back upstairs to his and Paul's room and the apartment was filled with the voice of Elvis singing "It will be lonely this Christmas without you to hold" together with John's voice singing his heart out to this record of Paul.

After they lost count and just couldn't hear it anymore, the record strangely had disappeared...

This making John even more furious and moody, but George refused to Ringo to put the record back in the hands of John. He really didn't want to hear the song for at least a year.

Ringo looked up at George's face and smiled. He just loved everything about George's face.

He nuzzled George's neck and planted sweet kisses on it in a loving way.

George turned his head towards Ringo and kissed his forehead sweetly.

They were abruptly stopped by a cushion hitting them against their faces.

"Oh come on!" John's voice sneered from the other couch "Could you not?!"

George and Ringo stopped immediately and looked over to John who was giving them a dead glare.

They had also lost count on how many times they had gotten one of them from John by now.

"Sorry John..." Ringo apologised feeling bad for the latter.

"Why are you sorry?" George asked Ringo taking Ringo's hand in his "Just because John is unhappy doesn't mean we have to act like a bunch of monks!"

"It's okay Georgie love..." Ringo smiled at his upset lover "...let's give Johnny a break okay? It's not been easy for him. Especially in these days."

"...okay....okay..." George huffed and slumped back on the couch crossing his arms in front of his chest in protest.

"He hasn't even called me!" John whined slamming his hands over his face sitting forward with his elbows resting on his knees.

"Jeez John..." George grumped still not agreeing with not being allowed to kiss his lover "...he called yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that one, oh! And the day before the day before the other one... every single day!! Sometimes even more than once a day!"

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