Component 25 - Personal Crimes

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"I'm telling you, I paid your bastard son in full!" Ramona snapped at the green-scaled gorgon man.

He tapped his claws on the arm of his rocky throne.

"You come into my sewers unannounced, you call my son a bastard, and then you lie?" He said, in a chillingly calm manner. "What makes you think I shouldn't have my wife petrify you where you stand?"

Ramona put her hands on her hips and leaned forward. "Because your 'wife' isn't here, Xoph. And you won't receive a lick more of gold from me if you turn me into one of your gargoyles overlooking your bridge."

Xoph scratched an itch from just under his left, yellow eye. He stared at the Halfling thief and wondered if he actually should call in Mellox, his beloved mate. She would make quick work of the tiny woman, but at the same time, she would likely go on a rampage and kill more of his guards—And guards were not easy to find for someone of gorgon kind; everyone was afraid of being turned to stone after all.

"Call your jerky jerk son in here!" Ramona challenged. "I'll fight him in a duel, how bout?"

Xoph also couldn't afford to lose his son, Xetto.

"It seems we've reached an impasse." Xoph muttered, snatching a fly from his forehead and shoving it into his mouth. "So you should pay me this time."

"I'll pay you next time." Ramona threatened. "And if I find out that my home has been broken into, or that another eviction notice has been placed, I'll come for you!"

She pointed a painted black nail at Xoph and narrowed her eyes. She shoved her finger forward again for good measure, and then turned on her heel and stomped out of the throne room of the Xoph. She detested that the thief's guild was run by a pompous coward such as Xoph, but what could she do? Take over? Even though she was confident in her combat abilities, it would be far too much trouble to become a leader of a network of thieves.

Ramona stomped past the stone bridge and glanced from side to side. All of the statues that overlooked from the ledges above were those who had crossed Xoph. She really did wonder why he actually didn't try to put her up there with the others.

"Cuz he's a coward!" Ramona spit on the end of the bridge and followed the path to the ladder exit.

She climbed up two scores of rungs before finally reaching the rooftop exit. She pushed the trapdoor aside and emerged onto the roof of the Temple of Sunkist, the sun goddess.

Resetting the trap door, she sprung forward into a sprint, and leaped across the gap between buildings. The Halfling landed on the edge and turned to look at the streets below.

"Hmm..." She murmured. "What to do for lunch?"

She usually only stole magic items, but when she grew hungry, and she tried to keep it to once a day, she would snatch someone's coin purse, and take just enough money for a meal—Then drop it back to where the owner would find it.

On this day, her belly rumbled all the more loudly. In all her excitement from stealing the griffin effigy, and then stealing the magic weapon from Gonzeelda, she'd completely forgotten to eat.

"Oh fetter..." Ramona whimpered, grabbing her belly. She was famished.

No one on the street seemed to be a good target. Most kept their hands on their purses, or had them hidden within their clothes. The thieves of Kendobul had reaped the citizens nearly dry and had them on their toes.

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