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I woke up to stare at five faces hovering over me which made me feel quite intimidated. "Guys back off a bit, she'll get nervous," Niall hushed. "Sorry," the boys all mumbled, pulling back. I looked around to realise that I was in a moving vehicle which I later realised was a black jeep.

"Where are we?" I asked sleepily to Niall. "We're in a car and are driving to our house Joe. We'll be there in about 30 minutes," he told me. I nodded back to him and snuggled into his chest, making him grin. "WAIT!" I screamed, shooting up out of my seat. "What's wrong?" The boys asked worriedly. "Where's my football!" I winged at them.

They all started to laugh and then the boy with scruffy hair handed me it back. Satisfied I sat back down and snuggled into Niall again. "So Joey! Tell us a bit about yourself babe," Harry said excitedly. "Okay," I replied, thinking about what I was going to say. "I'm from Ireland but more northern than Niall, that's why my accent is harsher. I had to move to London last year due to.. ummm certain... certain problems." The boys all looked at each other when I had said that but I just continued.

"I love to play football and yeah that's umm everything about me," I said quietly, trying to block out all of the bad memories that came to mind. They couldn't know about that yet. " The boys introduced themselves as Harry, Louis, Zayn, Liam and of course Niall and told me that they were in a band called one direction. As they were telling me about their band Niall interrupted with,"we're home baby!"

I beamed and looked out of the window to soon be staring at a giant house covered with ivy and a huge garden. "Wowwww you guys must be minted!" I shouted, amazed at what I was seeing. "Lads that means rich in Irish slang," Niall said, translating me through my thick accent. As I tried to jump out of the car I fell limp due to my tiredness and Niall had to pick me up saying, "you're so tired, aren't you?" I nodded and he giggled a bit as I hung on to his body whilst playing with his hair. Once Louis opened the front door the boys dropped their suitcases in the entrance and all ran to individual places. Louis ran to the bathroom as he had been needing to pee for the whole journey, Harry ran to the TV to probably finish watching his murder mystery documentaries, Zayn jumped on the couch and fell asleep, Liam was fixing the suitcases that everyone had dropped on the floor and Niall and I had ran to the fridge.

Harry joined us in the kitchen to find me sitting on the table counter and Niall's head in the fridge. "What do you want for dinner? I'm going to start cooking now!" Harry called out to the rest of the boys.

Louis appeared in the doorway of the kitchen sarcastically saying, "FOOD HAROLD!"  I covered my ears due to his loudness which sent him over to apologise and cuddle me. "Here lads, where is Joe going to be sleeping?" Harry asked. "She can sleep with her daddy," Louis said, punching Niall in the arm playfully.

Niall smiled and I laughed at his playfulness. Louis was like a big, playful puppy that you just wanted to play with. "Come on Joey! We'll go upstairs while I unpack," Niall called out to me as he started walking for the stairs.

I tried to jump off the counter but I was too small so I had to call him by saying," Niall! I can't get down!" He ran back in immediately and picked me up apologising saying, "I'm so sorry, I forgot how small you are babe." I laughed and he placed me back on the ground.

As I was walking up the stairs I dropped my football and automatically mumbled, "fucks sake," under my breath but little did I know that everyone heard. Suddenly I heard Niall turn round and all of the boys came running out into the hall. "Joey what did you say?" Niall asked confused.

"I said Fucks sake," I replied, unaware at my swearing. All of the boys except for Niall and Liam started to laugh and I remember turning round so confused as to what I did wrong. "Joey do you know what you did wrong?" Liam asked me and I shook my head, waiting to be hit across the face. When the slap didn't come I looked up and saw that all of the boys were confused as to what I had said. "Joey, baby, you just said some really bad words that only grown ups are allowed to say," Niall explained.

"I'm sorry I didn't realise it's just that my dad and my brothers would say it and my dad told me that if I didn't copy my brothers I would get the belt as I should be just like them even though I can't and I just I'm sorry please don't hit me please Niall I'm sorry I'm so sorry," I ranted.

"Joey! Breathe you're okay and we aren't going to hit you!" Niall said calmly whilst inviting me into a hug. He held me in his arms until I calmed down. I could hear the other boys whispering but it was muffled so I couldn't hear it clearly. "I'm really sorry Niall, I didn't even know it was bad," I admitted while crying. Harry then came over to dry my eyes and help Niall deal with me. "Crap the pizza's gonna burn!" Louis screamed whilst running into the kitchen at full speed.

We all laughed, including me, and Harry carried me up the stairs and Niall carried his suitcase. When we reached Niall's bedroom I saw a huge Irish flag on the wall and photos of Niall with the boys and other people who looked a lot like him. He had writing on the wall but I couldn't make out what it said. Harry lay me down on the bed and Niall started to unpack his suitcase. "Here mate are you okay with her by yourself?"

Niall nodded and thanked him for his help and continued to unpack. Once Harry left the room he came over to me and lay beside me, snuggling with me. "Joe did he really hit you with a belt?" He asked me quietly, almost uncertain if he wanted to hear the answer or not. I simply nodded which made years well up in his eyes. 'I won't let anything bad happen to you Joey, I promise," he whispered into my left ear.

"I love you," I replied as he wiped the tears from my eyes. "I love you princess," he replied back to me. "Niall, Joey! Dinner's ready!" Harry shouted from downstairs. Immediately Niall lifted me up onto his back and sprinted down the stairs at full speed to the kitchen.

"You're like superman," I laughed as he sprinted down the staircase with me on his back. He laughed as he placed a kiss on my cheek. "You saved me," I mumbled as I smiled at him.

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